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Love like Jim and Pam

  1. Jim and Pam were, first and foremost, best friends.
  2. They were both incredibly patient, to the point that it was almost painful to watch.
  3. When in an awkward friendzone, air high-fives are the way to go. It’s PDA-free, and totally adorable.
  4. The way he looks at her kills us all.
  5. It wasn’t always easy…
  6. But they made it through, together.
  7. Jim and Pam show how marriage won’t solve all your problems, but it’s more than worth it.
  8. Sometimes, people change and grow apart, but love can draw them back together.
  9. Godfather Michael Scott is like the glue (who disappeared for two seasons). 
  10. And we can’t forget Dwight Schrute, the crazy friend.
  11. They’re basically the cutest TV couple ever.

Who wants a love like Jim and Pam?

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