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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.
Kekee Wesley, new Clef resident, lets Her Campus peek into her life as a Protégé dancer for The PULSE on tour. Wesley also reveals her ideal guy and her most cringe-worthy first date story.
Name: K’Yanna  Wesley
Nickname: Kekee
Major: Criminal Justice
Year: 2019
Hall: Mt. Clef
Hometown: Woodbury, New Jersey
 Favorite Sport: Dance
Favorite Food: Sushi
Relationship status:  Single
Height: 5’3
Her Campus Cal Lutheran: So Kekee, how’s your first year at Cal Lutheran going?
K’Yanna Wesley: It’s fun. Definitely interesting because I’m figuring out who my friends are. Definitely a change from high school. Classes are pretty good and I like the activities here.
HC: What kind of activities have you been getting into?
KW: I’ve been to homecoming weekend, football games, the Chamber of Music, Thrill of the World, and Food Truck Frenzy. My favorite’s are the football games because we get to perform for dance. I’ve always been into football and watching it. I used to cheer so I know what’s going on in the games.
HC: How has dance team been?
KW: I am a big traveler when it comes to dance. I’m currently a Protégé with The PULSE on tour, which is the second highest scholarship there. Then I have to audition for Elite, which is the highest level, and chosen out of  around 100 people. I’m also a part of a tour called Invincible. It’s a Michael Jackson tour. 
HC: So the auditions must be very competitive.
KW: Auditions are hard but everything I do with dance is a growing experience. I grow from it. No, I don’t make every audition. But when I do, I take advantage of those jobs. Dance is also a stress reliever and a way to express my emotions. Not only do I compete, but I have a  mental experience.
HC: How did you become interested in dancing?
KW: I started when I was two. I’ve always had this thing when music came on, I would just dance in front of the TV so my parents put me in dance and from there, I just kept it going.
HC: Do you see dancing becoming a big part of your future?
KW: Yeah, I do. In the future, I can see myself being an instructor; Or even applying the whole dance thing and sports thing together with criminal justice to be a sports attorney.
I also want to dance behind Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Trey Songz, and other big artists.
HC: What’s your favorite dance style?
KW: All of them. They all relate to each other in some way or form. In one style,  I can use multiple styles. I think you cannot fully exert one style until you have training in another style.
HC: So does your future guy have to be a good dancer?
KW: Not really. Definitely personality is a big thing. Also, I feel like he needs to be understanding of my schedule, because I’m a busy dancer. He also, you know, has to have good looks. I’m not particular about race because that’s not important. It’s about who’s willing to work with and support me the way that I would support him. The guy doesn’t have to dance but he has to respect that I dance. I’m definitely into the funny guys. 
HC: So what would a guy do on the perfect date?
KW: Surprise me. Show me what you got. It shows me the type of person he is.
HC: What’s the funniest or worst date that you’ve been on?
KW: My first boyfriend. We went to the movies and of course his mom brought his whole family with us. So the whole time, we didn’t even look at each other or make eye contact at all. Mind you, he has his brothers, two little sisters, his mom, and his dad. So we barely talked.  It was an awkward thing for us and kind of the funniest thing. So we agreed to never do that again.
HC: Who’s your celebrity crush?
KW:  I’m going with a white boy. Justin Timberlake is my celeb crush. I like his voice and he’s a cute guy. I’ve always been into Justin for some reason. He’s old though. How old is he? It used to be Jesse Mccartney. He’s bae. (checks phone) He’s 34. Not that old.
HC: Where can your ideal guy and Justin Timberlake find you?
KW: Probably Starbucks. Or the gym, I love working out. Or the dance room, I’m always in there too. Or Clef, come find me.
HC: How does it feel to be a campus cutie?
KW: It’s cute. I feel good about it. It’s a good feeling. 
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