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Keeping Up With President Kimball


You can find him socializing with students at Starbucks, eating with faculty in the Ullman Commons, leading incredible seminars, and strolling through our beautiful Kingsmen Park walking his dog. Who are we talking about? None other than President Chris Kimball!
Her Campus Cal Lutheran: What made you want to become President of a University?  
President Chris Kimball: “I have always loved learning. I loved being a student at McGill University in Montreal and later at The University of Chicago. After college, I never wanted to be in school again; seven years later, though, I was ready and anxious to go back and study history. So I got my master’s and Ph.D. in History and became a professor at a Lutheran college in Minnesota. For a variety of reasons, I ended up moving into academic administration as a dean and provost. From there, a presidency was a natural next step — at the right place, which Cal Lutheran is.” 
HC: Why Cal Lutheran?
CK: “I came to Cal Lutheran for many of the same reasons that our students say they chose to enroll. I was drawn to the school’s mission and strong sense of community. This is a place that is always growing; it looks forward to a better future, rather than being trapped into preserving the past. (Yes, I know that might an ironic position for a historian.) The people are great and the campus is beautiful. I knew I would feel at home and that this was a wonderful learning environment. And the weather didn’t hurt.”
HC: If you weren't President of Cal Lutheran, what would you be doing instead? 
CK: “Teaching history — that’s definitely remains a passion of mine as is doing research and writing at the crossroads of urban history and sports history.”
HC: What is the most valuable lesson you learned from college?
CK: “Do what you like and you will be good at it.” 
HC: What is your favorite/funniest memory from college?
CK: “What happens in Montreal, stays in Montreal.”
HC: If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
CK: “Pedro Martinez. I’m a big baseball fan and root for the Boston Red Sox. Martinez was an amazing pitcher and, if we traded places on the day he is inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer, I’d be a Hall of Famer!“
HC: What is your favorite event held at Cal Lutheran and why?
CK: “Commencement. It recognizes the hard work and achievement of our students and captures what the University is all about.”
HC: Lastly, what is your all-time favorite food?
CK: “Stuffed pizza from Giordano’s (Chicago-style deep dish pizza).” 
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