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Kate Artmann ’19

Name: Kate Artmann

Major: Communications

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Anthem, Arizona

Relationship Status: Single

Height: 5'4

Favorite Sport (to watch or play): Volleyball and tennis

Favorite Food: I LOVE Fettuccine Alfredo!

Her Campus Cal Lutheran: How do you feel about being a “Campus Cutie”?

Kate Artmann: I feel flattered that I am a "Campus Cutie!"

HC: Where is your favorite place on campus?

KA: I like Kingsmen Park. It’s just very peaceful and pretty. 

HC: What is your favorite TV show and why?

KA: I enjoy watching the Big Bang Theory. I have probably seen every episode! The characters make me laugh and the storyline is very entertaining. 

HC: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why?

KA: I would say determined, because I work hard in school and aim to be successful in life!

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

KA: I would like to see myself enjoying my job and possibly starting a family.

HC: How does being a Communications major play into your life plan?

KA: I want to major in Communications because I want to write and make a difference in this world. 

HC: What are some of your hobbies?

KA: I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, writing, traveling, playing volleyball and tennis, listening to music, and going to concerts! Spending time with family and friends is very important to me. I also have a passion for writing, as it clears my mind and helps me understand things better. Going to places that I've never been to before is also really exciting, in my opinion.

HC: What are your favorite genres of music?

KA: I like all kinds of music, but my favorite genre would have to be pop.

HC: What do you hope to accomplish during your freshman year at Cal Lu?

KA: I hope that I make life-long friends and become more independent after my first year here.

HC: Do you have any secret talents that you are willing to share?

KA: I can't think of any secret talents off the top of my head…

HC: Any pet peeves?

KA: A BIG pet peeve of mine is when people do not have manners. Ugh.

HC: How do you like California, seeing that you are from Arizona?

KA: I like the weather here! Being close to the beach is also really nice.

HC: Heels or flats, and why?

KA: I would choose heels, even though I can barely walk in them!

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