It's Spooky Season // 2018

The wind starts howling at night, the sun’s golden hour turns into soft shades of pumpkin spice and caramel apple that haunt the late afternoon, and the corner cafe boils vanilla chai lattes in their cauldrons to keep the witches warm for the season. It’s that time of year again, the trick or treaters come out from hiding and the great big pumpkin is finally unveiled.

The feeling of fuzzy socks, knit sweaters, candles that leave the lingering scent of crisp leaves, and books that last a lifetime as you cozy up on the couch to relax, and don’t forget the endless childhood memories that come back when you’re cuddled up on the sofa watching throwback Halloween movies--it’s always the best chapter the year has to offer.

For me this year, I want to capture every moment I can and soak up as much of the liquid gold and when I need comfort in the cold winter months, I’ll look back at my fall adventures and embrace the warmth that is this season. One way, technically it's many ways to do that, is by having a bucket list, and making the most of everything on it.

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Here’s a couple ideas!

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  1. Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte at home  -  making a PSL is a great way to stay warm during the fall holidays and you don't even have to  leave the comfort of your warm and cozy home            

  2. Take an impromptu fall photo shoot - make anywhere your runway and turn a simple pumpkin patch into an aesthetic backdrop or take a leaf pile and make a boomerang of you jumping into it, have fun with it

  3. See how lost you can get in a corn maze - because why not?

  4. Go apple picking - so you can use the apples for some caramel apples or bake a yummy apple pie with ice cream

  5. Bake as many fall treats as you can - because the holidays were made for baking and eating much sugar as you can

  6. Watch an endless amount of Halloween movies - so you can remember what it feels like to be a kid again and remember how you couldn't wait for Sally and Jack to fall in love 

  7. Explore a haunted house or theme park - because no one ever said you were too old to dress up and go to Mickey's Halloween Party

  8. Go a football game -  with your friends and cheer as loud as you can 

  9. Carve pumpkins for Halloween - because what's Halloween without cute pumpkins and plus you can create really cute faces on your pumpkins to look like emojis

  10. Throw a Fall Potluck and Invite Friends - because food is always a good idea

  11. Have a Scary Movie Night with all of the lights off - because there's always a trick before the treat

  12. Sit and drink something new at a cafe - so you learn to switch things up, change is a good thing and that can include food and drinks too

  13. Build a fort and eat as many fall treats as you can - because we can't let those fall treats go to waste and when in doubt, build a fort

  14. Put away the technology for one day and spend some time outside - so everyone can see how cute your fall outfit of the day looks

  15. Make caramel apples and decorate them - so you can use the apples that you picked and decorate them with chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts, anything to your heart's delight

  16. Go camping and build a fire and make some s’mores - because there's nothing like a night under the stars with cozy blankets, spooky stories, and gooey marshmallows with hints of melted Hershey's chocolate

  17. Snuggle under blankets and read a good book - because fuzzy blankets with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book always make a good day, not matter what season it is 

  18. Bake Pumpkin Bread - so the entire room can smell of fresh baked pumpkin bread and it tastes great!

  19. Drink warm apple cider - because sometimes hot cocoa is a little too sweet and sometimes we need savoury in our lives to balance things out 

  20. Enjoy the fall season and have some fun - because the fall season is a time for you to treat yourself and enjoy the best that life has to give you


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Happy Haunting My Lovelies,

      -   Rae