Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

It's almost Christmas time! 'Tis the season for gift giving. Sometimes it's hard to think of a gift, especially if you're trying to stick to a modest budget! Here are some Christmas gift ideas to get the holiday started. 

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You can't go wrong with pictures. All pictures hold a sentimental value, whether it was a funny moment with a friend or a happy memory.  You can present your gift as just a single framed photo or a scrapbook full of moments. You can also create custom coasters if you're feeling fancy!

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Custom Coasters


  1. Square pictures

  2. Square tiles (local hardware store)

  3. Mod Podge

  4. Felt


  1. Print out a couple of pictures in a square format

  2. Fit the pictures onto the coaster. Once you find the right position, spread Mod Podge over the entire tile, with the picture on top.

  3. Leave to out to dry

  4. For an extra layer of protection, go over the tiles again with another layer of Mod Podge and set the tiles out to dry.

  5. Cut out the felt to the size of the title.

  6. Glue the piece of felt to the back of the title. This will prevent it from scratching the table.

Movie Kit

Fill a basket with snacks and popcorn and promise to have a movie night one day.  This is a great, easy, and inexpensive gift for a friend to show that you enjoy spending time with them!


A classic and forgotten gift, a mixtape is a great way to show a friend how much you care.  Compile a bunch of songs that you think will fit your friend’s music taste and compress it on a CD. Don’t have a CD? Create a modern mixtape on a Spotify playlist.

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Winter Mug Kit

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Gather a bunch of feel-good items like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, a little snack, and fuzzy socks. Stuff it all into a mug and top it off with a bow! It's the perfect way to beat the winter blues.


Perfect for anyone who needs a little more green in their life. Easy to take care of and aesthetically pleasing, it will please any Instagram lover’s feed.

World Map/Area Map and push pins

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Get a world map and some red push pins to accompany it. This can help map out the past and future adventures you’ll have together.


Not the fancy ones from a high-class jewelry store, but just a simple pendant or bracelet from an accessory store that reminds you of the person will do the trick.

A Letter

A simple letter. At times, especially during the holidays, we can get caught up in all the materialistic things that we forget that sometimes the simplest things can bring us joy. A heartfelt letter, although maybe a little cringe-y, can also be the most meaningful.