I believe in you

Dear First-Generation Student:

I just want to take the time to tell you, that I am so proud of how far you have come. 

For the majority of you, finals are coming up and you are probably stressing out. That is perfectly okay. I know every college student tends to stress out during finals week, but I feel that we tend to stress out a bit more just because we don’t have our parents supporting us the way we would like them to be. 

I get it. We are the first ones in our family to go to college, so we basically are all on our own when it comes to figuring out how to be a successful college student. Some of us are lucky, and have our parents trying to understand what we are going through, but for the rest of us, we really are on our own. But this definitely shouldn’t be bringing us down. Instead, it should be making us work harder, because we are working so hard to appreciate this opportunity that was not given to our parents. 

I know it’s really hard when our parents don’t understand why we are so stressed in college. We always get the “Why are you so stressed? You are still so young and don’t have that many responsibilities.” But I am here to tell you that even though our parents don’t understand us, there are others who do. And you can’t blame them, they didn’t have this amazing chance that you did. We are trying to make them proud and trying to appreciate all their hard work they have done in order for us to be here. 

                                                                 Photo Courtesy of University of Michagan 

Just remember, that everything you are doing right now, is going to be worth it in the future. I know sometimes you just want to give up because it gets so hard, but just keep pushing through. Remember to take time for yourself. Yes, our education is important, but so is our mental health. We tend to forget that we need to take time for ourselves throughout the week, trust me I know I do. But even if watching some Netflix while you eat dinner is your me time for the day, that is perfect! 

We have so many people expecting so much from us, and it’s really difficult to carry that around. But remember that all of these people are also rooting for you and are so proud of everything you have done. These same people are ALWAYS going to be there for you along the way. 

You have come this far, and I know that you are going to keep working hard to reach your ultimate goal. You haven’t let anything keep you from succeeding, so don’t let it keep you now. You are an amazing person. You got this and so much more that will come your way. 

I believe in you. 

Lots of love, 

A fellow first-generation student