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How to Make the Most of Spring Break at Home

I have spent many a spring break traveling to new places, but this year I don't have any travel plans. However, I am even more excited for the week I get to spend at home relaxing, than I would be if I was on a plane jetting off to a new location. Traveling is wonderful, but it can get exhausting and expensive very quickly. I did have a few concerns about staying home for this spring break, because the last thing I want to do is spend my entire spring break sitting in boredom trying to think of things to do. When I realized I was going to be staying home, I decided to come up with some ideas that will keep me entertained for the week with a good balance between adventure and relaxation.

One of my favorite things to do at home is read. There are so many amazing books in so many different genres- there is a book for everyone's interests. Since spring break is a nice pause from the stress and work of school, there is nothing like finding your new favorite series and getting lost in a book for a few hours.

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Whether you have lived in the same town your whole life, or you have moved around a lot, there is always something new to discover in your area. Spend some time really exploring where you live. Maybe take a hike on a trail you didn’t know about, or visit a museum you have never been to. There are many things that are worth exploring that you may have overlooked. I find that the best way to learn something new is to experience it for yourself.

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Another thing to do when you're at home is to reconnect with childhood friends. Maybe you have some friends that are home at the same time as you, or some friends that still live in the area. The best part of reconnecting with people is seeing where their lives have taken them and how they are thriving in the real world. So send that text to your long lost friend, and meet them for a cup of coffee.

The most important thing to remember is that vacation should really be about self care and the importance of your spiritual, mental, and physical health. Spend a day or two just relaxing. Make some tea or coffee in the morning, and just sit and enjoy it. Pour yourself a bath and indulge in a soak. Whatever makes you happy and relaxed is worth doing, because this is a time for you to enjoy yourself. Just because you aren’t traveling doesn't mean you don’t get to indulge and relax.

Now you may not go to Bali or Mexico this spring break, but you can still have an amazing time relaxing at home. Whether you decide to stay in all break or hang out with friends, remember that this is your time to relax and enjoy yourself because you are on vacation!

Natalie Mansergh

Cal Lutheran '21

Natalie is an environmental science major and is an aspiring marine researcher. She loves water sports, hanging out with her friends, and reading good books.
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