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How It Feels to be a Second Semester Senior

Going through college is an absolute blast! You get to live with people your age who are mostly interested in the same things you are. It seems like it’s never going to end, but trust me, those 4 years go by extremely fast. Take it from me, a second semester senior with less than 100 days ’til graduation, which means under 100 days to find a job and figure out what I’m going to do with my life. Here’s what it feels like to be a second semester senior:

1. With the roomies: “Oh my gosh you guys I can’t believe we’re graduating!!!!”


2. Getting into your new classes and being asked what you’re going to do after graduation.


3. Getting the texts from your parents “Have you been applying to jobs?”

Yes parents, while balancing school I am also constantly looking for jobs. 


4. Realizing there’s only 100 days until graduation. 


5. Remebering to enjoy the good times before they pass by EXTREMELY fast.


6. But don’t relax too much, you still need a job. 



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Andrea Whisler

Cal Lutheran

I am currently a Senior at California Lutheran University and my major is Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and my minor is Communications. I have a passion for all writing, sports, puppies, and food.
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