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How I Am Making The Most Out of Online School

Similar to most of you, I am currently attending school fully online this semester. Even though my school is now allowing in-person classes, I decided to stay home to keep myself and others safe! Though I miss being on campus, living with my best friends, and meeting new people in the class I have found that there are a few perks of doing school on Zoom. Times are tough so focusing on any positive experiences we can get from learning on Zoom helps make this temporary situation worth the struggles it may bring. Here are a few things I am currently doing to make this Zoom experience a memorable one.

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1. Participating in Class

One thing I have noticed while on Zoom is a lot fewer students participate and engage in class. This is totally understandable considering not everyone’s home situation provides comfort or peace. I am fortunate enough to have a peaceful environment so I push myself to engage in discussion during class to encourage my professors. We may not think of it often, but professors have a hard time adjusting to Zoom classes also, so engaging with them during class definitely does not go unnoticed by them! It’s a perfect way to get to know your professors and encourage necessary conversations.

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2. Reaching Out to My Peers

Making friends while doing school online is hard, therefore, I strongly recommend reaching out to someone you have multiple classes with! Someone with who I have multiple classes reached out to me to let me know that since we have so many classes together, we should get to know one another outside of class. We have continued to support each other throughout this semester and have gotten to know each other well. This has inspired me to reach out to another person I have many classes with as well. 

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3. Let the Sun In!

Another thing that helps me stay motivated and charged while on Zoom is opening my blinds! Letting the sun in allows positive energy to enter your room when times are stressful. This is so simple yet so needed to make my environment feel safe and peaceful!

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I am continuing to make the most out of online school by focusing on what I can change to make this situation better. I encourage you to focus on some positives today!

Elysia Williams

Cal Lutheran '22

HI! My name is Elysia but you can call me Sia for short. I am a leader of Delight Ministries at Cal Lutheran and a writer for Her Campus. In my free time, I am usually with my friends or family making memories.
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