How to Get Through the Semester with Help from New Girl

This semester is coming to an end quicker than you ever imagined! You know what that means: all professors are going to assign a time consuming project that will either make or break your grade, you’re most likely going to get sick (SUPER INCONVENIENT!), and some of your best friends (OR YOU!) are going to be graduating! The cast of New Girl seems to know a thing or two about life, so let’s see what they’d recommend to get us through the rest of this semester!


Look at yourself. You have dark circles under your eyes and your nose is running down your face. If you’re feeling sick or just a bit gross in general, flush out your system by indulging in the delicious AZO Cranberry® Gummies! Two gummies are the equivalent of one 10 ounce glass of cranberry juice!


Be comfortable! We all have that one favorite tank top that’s now slowly decaying. The straps have lost their elasticity and well… straps that fall off the shoulder have to be one of the most annoying clothing obstacles ever. Go out and get yourself a Brappz Strap! It slips into place with a multi-functional, or strapless bra, with swimwear, a funky tank top or any shoulder - exposing top!


End the cycle of not getting paid back! We’re in college. We need money. We can’t afford not getting paid back. Prevent this from happening by getting the Circle Pay app! This app allows you to send and receive money with just an email or phone number! This is incredibly easy and practical!


Look good, feel good, right? Keep that cat-eye flawless with Milani eyeliner and take care of your hair with TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo!


Keep your hands clean! Prevent sickness! We’re stressed. We’re hungry (mainly because we’re indulging in carb-rich pizza). We’re tired. We’re college students. Stay healthy with a CEA Study Abroad hand sanitizer with useful holders to hook onto your backpack or purse!


Commute to class in style. Carry your books and notebooks in the Vera Bradley Ella Tote and never lose your ID card again by placing it in the Vera Bradley Zip ID Case!


Keep pushing forward! You've got this!


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