Hot Diggity Dog, How Dogs Love All

You’ve heard the saying before: a dog is a man’s best friend. The sympathy, compassion, and unconditional love radiated from a doggy pal can go a long way. The loyalty can be so strong that you begin to question whether you deserve such a companion. Dogs are a wonder of this world and they have the ability to spread happiness in an instant. Of course, not every dog has or is known to have a gentle nature, but that doesn’t mean it should be treated any differently than a dog who supposedly does. You don’t know how each individual dog has been raised and one shouldn’t automatically judge a dog because of preconceived notions. A dog’s behavior can be influenced by the environment it was brought up in and the humans surrounding this environment. Before you judge a dog by its breed, be mindful of its upbringing. Some dogs may be aggressive because they are being defensive due to the nature of its treatment through its life. You never know the full story, but if you ever come across one (which I am sure you have maybe once or twice) treat each one with respect. It is unfortunate to have known the mistreatment and suffering that dogs endure, which still exists today. Maybe you are not in a state to have a dog right now, but you are always in a state to be kind to one. Humans can learn a thing or two from dogs. They have spread love in relationships beyond ones with humans and this love has no judgement. Here are some photos showing the acceptance they have with all creatures. A dog can be anyone’s best friend!


I don't how many countless positive stories I have read about the goodness of dogs. I hope these images sparked some warm memories of your own dog or of other stories you know regarding a dog's love. They are protective, nurturing, and brave spirits. Their actions with police officers, firefighters, and people with disabilities should never go unnoticed. Their always hilarious characteristics and beauty could never be overlooked. Let's always be mindful of their existence.