Holiday Survival Kit

Finals are in full swing. All the study spots are packed, Starbucks is going through endless coffee and espresso to keep us fueled, and everyone is anxiously waiting for winter break to come. Her Campus, just like Santa Claus, brought a package full of cheer to get us through finals and give the perfect kit for a stress-free spa day. Check out these awesome items in this year’s Her Campus Holiday Survival Kit!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara


When you’ve got dark circles under your eyes from staying up until 3 a.m. cramming, put on a little makeup and this stuff to make you look good as new and ready to ace those exams! We also need those lashes to look great over winter break festivities, and we’ll partner that with the next item.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner


Cat-eye, winged, natural and chic, these are a few of my favorite things! This whole semester, a lot of us probably haven’t even had time for eyeliner. Let’s face it – we roll out of bed, go to class, and anything that can’t be done in about ten minutes is off the table. With this product, we’re all now ready to roll for winter break. 

Rimmel Natural Bronzer


This waterproof bronzer to make your complexion golden and natural was another real hit with our chapter, as we can always use a re-stock of makeup basics like this one to go perfectly with our other fabulous Rimmel products!

Rimmel Provocalips 16-Hour Kiss-Proof Lip Colour


We got this kiss-proof, life-proof lip color in a few awesome shades to keep us looking dazzling through finals and over break! With one side for color and the other for lock & shine, this stuff is sure to stay on through holiday festivities and kissin’ under the mistletoe.

7 Wonders Face Masks


Calming, anti-polluting and moisturizing, we got the popular 7 Wonders Face Mask in Amazonian Acaí, Caribbean Coconut and Kalahari Melon. We simply can’t wait to de-stress and detoxify with this great product to keep our skin looking healthy and radiant, plus we got a 20% off certificate to purchase more!

Yogi Teas


 When our girls need a break from the endless coffee and want some something different for both energy or relaxation, Yogi tea will be there to help! This all-natural herbal tea is good for mind, body and soul. 

Pure Silk Raspberry Mist Shaving Cream


A favorite shaving cream brand to begin with, Her Campus must have read our minds! Let’s be honest, in colder weather, we throw on pants and don’t bother with shaving, especially when we don’t have the time or energy for that kind of effort. This holiday, we can break out a couple wintry dresses and show off some silky smooth legs! Plus, it's in to-go size, perfect for traveling over the holidays.

Book of the Month

This final product is one of my favorites – one month free to Book of the Month, a book subscription site that sends you great new reads related to your interests! I cannot wait to go home to my copy of Nicola Yoon’s The Sun is Also a Star, a book that was already on our winter break reading list.

We're so thankful to have all of these great products. Happy holidays, and good luck on finals from Her Campus!