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During the holiday season, many people struggle with gift-giving and what to give family members and friends for the holidays. I know for me this is definitely a struggle, especially on a college student budget. So I am creating this guide in hopes of helping others figure out the best meaningful gifts to give this holiday season. Also, don’t forget to support small businesses this holiday season! Small businesses are what America is built on and especially after the pandemic many are struggling, so when you can, please support! 

Get Creative

One of my favorite gifts that I have received from one of my best friends was a photo collage with photos from my friend group from High School. She made one for everyone in our friend group for the Christmas before we left for college and it is now my favorite decorations hanging in my dorm. Another one of my friends made me a memory box one year for Christmas which opened up with pictures and memories from the previous years. Well, personally I struggle with getting creative with presents, these types of gifts can be the most meaningful gifts to give. There are plenty of ideas for different creative gifts and getting creative can also help save money during the holiday season. More creative gift ideas include: creating a piece of art, making blankets, crocheting stuffed animals or gloves, and there are many more amazing creative gift ideas out there!! 


Another really fun creative gift is making goodie-baskets filled with someone’s favorite candy, snacks, and self-care goodies. These are super easy to customize, make, and can be done in one target trip! These are some of my favorite gifts to give and it is super easy to do. Usually, when I make gift baskets I get that person’s favorite candies, chips, tea or coffee, and pick out one or two gift cards to go with it. Even adding in notebooks, stationery, candles, books, or a blanket depending on what that person likes! These are super customizable to what the person likes which is why these are some of my favorite gifts to give! 

Gifts for the book lovers

Do you have someone in your life who loves books- but you don’t want to get them another Barnes and Nobles gift card this holiday season? Well, there is plenty of gifts for book lovers! There are plenty of tote bags and coffee mugs with book themes that every book lover would love. Also, there are plenty of monthly book subscription boxes that you could give as a gift as well. While this can get a bit more on the expensive side, most companies will have a one-month, three-month, or six-month option to fit your budget and even have gifting options. Book of the Month has a good gifting program, or there are also other companies like Owl Crate, Once Upon a Book Club and plenty more! If you know what books/fandoms your book lover likes then I also recommend looking on Redbubble for different items. Redbubble is an independent artist-based company and has a wide variety of different items like totes, tapestries, pencil cases, and more. Because Red Bubble is all independent artist a lot of the artwork is inspired by different books, movies, t.v shows, and more. Also has the added bonus of supporting artists this holiday season! 

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