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Highlights from Valentine’s Day 2016

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day 2017, let’s look back at some of our fellow students’ Valentine’s Day plans from last year:

My boyfriend and I went to see Alessia Cara in concert. We are trying to make going to concerts a tradition!” –Nicole Eskenazi

I just hung out with my mom and my sister” – Alyssa Oliver

We went out to the store, bought two of these little ice cream tubs, two bottles of wine, and cooked dinner together. It really felt authentic in a way, we hadn’t been dating very long, but it really felt like we had been doing simple things like that for years.” –Nick Loomis

My friends and I heard that Hooters*** was giving away wings if you shredded a picture of your ex and I was like ‘Why the hell not!’ We walked in and asked about it and they brought me to the shredder and I shredded the picure and they asked me how I felt. I was like, ‘ayyyyeee I’m getting wings!'” –Anonymous

He had planned for us to go out to dinner that night but unfortunately he got off work late so he last minute had to change his plan. We ended up going to a really nice view and then we got pretty hungry so we wanted to order pizza to the car but wasn’t sure if it was possible. We ended up writing a very detailed description for the pizza delivery guy and it worked because he found our car. After we ate, we went to watch The Boy and that was it.” –Pia Aquije

“It was our first Valentine’s Day together and Anthony had work on a theatre production on the 14th, so we delayed our Valentine’s Day date one day and celebrated on the 15th. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money or do anything huge, since we just love spending time together we just wanted to do something small but special. Since I’m gluten free there are a lot of foods that I haven’t been able to have since I went gluten free 8 years ago. I had lately been having a big craving for ravioli, but haven’t been able to find gluten free ravioli anywhere. For our Valentine’s Day date Anthony made me homemade gluten free ravioli. It was delicious and perfect. We made each other cheesy cards, he got me flowers, and we had a nice night in with a thoughtful dinner and some great company. It was really wonderful being able to spend time with him and his present of dinner was a great treat.” –Dani Kluss 

                                                                                                         (Photo provided by Dani Kluss)

Her Campus at Cal Lutheran wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

*** If you want to go to Hooters and get free wings on Valentine’s Day click here! ***

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Elaine Abarta

Cal Lutheran

Elaine is a Junior at California Lutheran University majoring in Communications. She is currently Publicity Director and Features Writer for Her Campus at Cal Lutheran. She loves planning events, singing, playing guitar, and spending time with her friends and family. 
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