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Halló from Iceland

“If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” When I would get asked this question, right away, my answer would always be Iceland. And people found this hard believe because they had no idea what there is to do in Iceland. The Icelandic people may not have historic buildings or landmarks like London or Rome but what they lack in man made constructs, they make up for it in their stunning scenery and picturesque landscapes. This past summer I was lucky to be able to experience what I had only dreamed of and want to show you why Iceland should be a place you want to travel to.

The Blue Lagoon is definitely one place that you have to visit if you go to Iceland. The water is the perfect temperature in contrast to the cold air and because of the heat rising from the bottom of the lagoon, it releases minerals such as silica and algae which are great for your skin. But when these minerals rise to the surface of the water it turns a milky white color instead of a bold blue that you might see in some aesthetic photos. I know. I was shocked too but it is still a beautiful sight to see and experience. TIP: Wear a lot, I mean A LOT, of conditioner in your hair or else the minerals in the water will dry your hair out and make it crusty.  


Iceland has an abundant amount of waterfalls, all of which are different from the other and each incredibly majestic as the next. Some waterfalls were an easy hike to get to, one waterfall you had to climb 500 steps to reach the top, and another you could actually walk behind it. But no matter what the journey was like, when you reached the waterfalls, you were left in awe of how spectacular nature is.



A lot of people went to the beach this summer, as did I. Expect it was at least 40 degrees and we could not get too close to the water because the swells were huge that day. The elements aside, it was probably one of my favorite places to visit because I have never seen something so uniquely beautiful like a black sand beach before.   



I am currently a Freshmen at Cal Lutheran and majoring in Global Studies. I have a love for fashion, travel, and having adventures with friends.
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