A Guide to Disneybounding

Remember when you wore a costume at Disneyland when you were little? Did you get to play with the characters? Well, you can still experience that joy with Disneybounding! Sadly you can’t wear a costume at Disneyland during the regular hours. If you make an outfit with similar colors from a character or scene from a movie, that is Disneybounding. If you were invited to a convention and you don’t want to cosplay, Disneybounding is also a good option as well! Since it’s almost Summer here are some examples to get you into the mood. The good thing is, there are absolutely no rules to this. Your number one goal is to have fun!

Pick a character/Movie you want to dress up as. You can be the same character.Image by Louella Laureola

Image by Nolan Brewer

If you’re planning groups like this one. Respect everyone’s clothing preferences. Some people like to wear black all the time. Think of a character that wears mostly black such as Darth Vader, Ursula, The Evil Queen, etc.

Find the character’s colors and accessories.Image by Mikayla Knight

A lot of the accessories for these characters are easy to find in any store. Disney pins, tsum tsums, popcorn buckets make really good accessories. One of my favorite group disneybounds is the “Inside Out” characters because they have primary colors that people already have in their closets.

Be resourceful!

Once you have an idea of what character you want to disneybound. Raid your closet and see what type of colors you have. Bonus points if you have the same colored shoes!Image from @fairy_godprincessImage by Kati Rodriguez (IG @havecourageanddisney)

Make comfort a priority.

Everyone’s comfort level is different. Some people like to dress up at the parks. There are people that love to wear leggings and a shirt when they go to Disney. Make sure they are comfortable in the outfits they will be wearing to the parks.Image by Brittany Masse

Figure out your budget.

This is really important if you are participating in Dapper Day. Dapper Day is when you dress up in style either vintage or contemporary. A lot of vintage dresses can be expensive also your accessories can add up to your cost. Personally, I try to budget myself by aiming about a $50-$70 budget. My outfit last Dapper Day rounded to $45.Image by Kimberly Rowe

Know where you want to pose!

This is really important for your pictures of your outfits! Check out the Disneyland App to find out where the characters are. Of course, if you don’t want to wait there are always a lot of good photo spots around the resort. Get your pictures done early to ride attractions!Image by April Pena

Have an amazing summer filled with memories. I’ll see everyone next year!