Grow Through What You Go Through

Kim Ball is a soon to be Cal Lutheran grad. In less than two weeks she will be receiving a B.S. in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health Professions. 

Read on to learn more about Kim and her experience these past four years at Cal Lu!


Her Campus at Cal Lutheran: Why did you choose CLU?

Kim Ball: Initially, I thought it would help to strengthen my faith – in reality, it didn’t take a school to do that; it was the experiences, mentors, and people I encountered. As well as it wasn’t too far nor too close from home, it was the perfect distance which helped me become the person I wanted to be. And obviously the comforting environment and academic scholarships; the financial aid package worked best in comparison to all the other schools. All the other schools I wanted to go to were on the East Coast, so I decided that if I really wanted to in the future, I’d go to grad school on the East Coast. Above all, I knew CLU had something in store for me.

HCCLU: What were you involved in during your time here?

KB: I worked at the library on campus for my four years, I have been part of Student Support Services and a Student Leader for them for two years, Exercise Science club, community service, interned at multiple clinics (physical therapy, chiropractor around the area and LA area as well over the summers), athletic training my senior year, I helped out with the football team, helped out during volleyball games, observed athletic trainers, and I will be interning at the Mamba Academy over the summer. 

HCCLU: What professor/staff/faculty inspired you the most during your time here?

KB: Definitely the SSS staff because they’re all one big family. They have always been there for me whenever and for whatever. The Exercise Science faculty and staff. Noelle Raffy because she guided and mentored me with how to deal with doubts that I had about my major. SSS and my department advisors also helped me with that too. They helped pave the direction of how to take a step forward with my ideas. Making my ideas into a reality.

HCCLU: What do you intend to do in the future?

KB: My goal is to help people on an intimate level – emotionally, mentally, and physically. I hope to empower them and make an impact in their life. Initially, I wanted to do Physical Therapy because of my own physical therapist and strength trainers. I was always into working out and being athletic ever since, so hopefully I can do something within this field with the athletic population. I plan on taking a gap year to see if I really want to do that. The other option would be something with textile design or somewhere in the arts and fashion realm, since I grew up with those who greatly influenced me within that spectrum. We’ll see from there, based off of my productivity during my gap year.

HCCLU: How does it feel knowing that you’ll be graduating within two weeks?

KB: I feel numb. I’m obviously still stressed out, people keep saying congrats. It’s conflicting. In my mindset, I still have to finish all assignments within these next couple of weeks while trying to study for finals in order to do well. Time is of the essence right now; my emotions with graduation change every day. There isn’t one thing that dictates how I feel. 

HCCLU: What has been your most memorable moment here at Cal Lutheran?

KB: Specifically, I would say being welcomed to Student Support Services and their SOAR week during the summer. Knowing that they set the vibe of how college was going to be; the tone, how easy it was to network with peers, staff, and faculty. I was able to take that with me from the SOAR week throughout my four years. It helped me gain those relationships that are most likely everlasting. Also, working at the library throughout college has to be also one of my most memorable moments at CLU. It has not only exposed me to a handful of unique individuals, but it was always nice to keep a balance of being outgoing versus being calm. The library community and environment helped me maintain a balance with that.

HCCLU: What would you say will be the hardest thing about leaving CLU?

KB: In the beginning of my fall semester I was realizing that I have gotten so comfortable with my relationships with others and being here. I wish it had been like that all my four years, it would’ve been less home sickening. I guess I would say the hardest thing will be not seeing everybody every day, the work load and time management. Started off with gaining the momentum of how to manage everything, and now having to adjust to a new lifestyle and practically a new identity of not being a "student" for a couple of months.

HCCLU: What advice would you give to current/soon to be CLU students?

KB: Don’t limit yourself. If it’s supposed to happen, it’ll happen. Just do what you gotta do. A quote I go by: “God won’t give you more than you can bear. He might let you bend, but he won’t ever let you break.”

HCCLU: What would you say you have learned about yourself these past four years?

KB: Not everybody learns the same way or at the same rate. I personally wish I had gone to a different, affordable college where I would be able to take my time completing my credits at my pace. In other words, quality or quantity that way I could have earned an optimal GPA and been able to absorb all the knowledge that I wanted to enjoy.

HCCLU: Four years ago, did you imagine you’d be where you are now?

KB: Honestly, no. I thought it was going to take longer for me to learn what I know now. I didn’t think I would grow so much, or mature as much as I did based off of the experiences and obstacles I’ve had to overcome.