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Goodbye Grads: How to Give Your Grad Gals an Epic Sendoff

With the end of the year approaching fast, I’m sure we all have someone we know who is graduating and moving onto the next chapter of their lives. This can often be bittersweet, as you want to support your friends who are leaving, but you also reminisce about the amazing memories you have shared with them through the years. Graduation parties are a big part of the later spring months, and here are a few ways to give your favorite grads a big send-off, and remind them that no matter where life takes them, they will always be loved and supported.

1. Photo Collages

By making your graduating friends collages of photos you have taken over the years, you can remind them how much they are loved and supported by their friends. Photo boards or shadow boxes are a good way to display pictures and remind your friends how important they are to you.

2. Surprise graduation party

When my cousin graduated from college, my family threw her a surprise graduation party with all of her friends and extended family, and she was so ecstatic. It was one final celebration of all her accomplishments and she had all the people that she cared about most in one place. A surprise party may be a good option to throw for your graduating friends, especially if you want to do something completely unexpected.  

3. Take a fun weekend trip

With your graduating pals, take a fun trip to commemorate their achievements and celebrate one last hurrah. Even if you are simply renting a hotel for the night, or you want to fly across the country, those last memories together will be something that everyone in the group will remember, especially your graduating friends.

                                                                  Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

4. Have a girls night out (or in)

Spending quality time with your graduating friends is key, as some of them may be leaving the state or the country to go pursue their careers. Depending on your friends’ interest you can go out to a club, or just stay in and watch your favorite movie while making cupcakes. Hanging out with your graduating friends is one of the best ways to let them know that they will be missed.

These ideas are just a start for all the amazing things that you could do for your graduating friends. Graduating is such an accomplishment, and these individuals have worked so hard to get where they are today. They deserve to be recognized for their achievements and supported in their new endeavors. Congratulations graduating class of 2019, and good luck in your future adventures!


Natalie Mansergh

Cal Lutheran '21

Natalie is an environmental science major and is an aspiring marine researcher. She loves water sports, hanging out with her friends, and reading good books.
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