Gilmore Girls & Tech

Many fans were freaking out when they heard their neighbourhood coffee shop would be turning into Luke's Diner for Oct 5th, especially since Netflix is giving us another round of the Gilmore Girls this Nov. 25th, 2016! And we've been anticipating the return anxiously. 

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For this return however, there needs to be a recap for those of us who haven't seen the great girls on the screen in a while! What better way to do it with some nokia throwbacks and Rory's legendary vague pager messages that held us with anticipation through an entire episode. 

If you're new to the Gilmore's world, here's the all time extensive ultimate guide to make sure you're all caught up before the 2016 return!

Without further ado, a Gilmore girl gif galore of the pagers, laptops and fliphones of the not so distant past.

1. Sookie and the invention of laptops: just using the casual "internet talk" at the inn.

2. That time Rory got hit by a deer and called Lorelai on her flip phone.

3. Who can forget when Christopher surprised Lorelai with a private Drive-in Theater.

4. That time during the Festival of Living Pictures where everything was going well until... the pager rang *Major Taylor Freak Out*.

5. When Michel avoids dealing with people because he still doesn't use a computer to write guests in.

6. That time Emily Gilmore (of all people) gets stopped by the Police for talking on the phone.

7. Or those times Michel has to 'fetch' people to answer the wired phone at the front desk.

8. Emily yelling to the car because she's using the speaker phone and Richard's GPS is speaking German.

9. Lorelai being skeptical of the Roomba vaccums.

10. And finally... a look into what the future holds: Rory looking up the plant that smells disgusting on her smartphone.

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