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Gift Guide: Juicy for the Holidays

The holidays are getting closer and closer but have you bought the right gift for all of the girls in your life? There is no need to worry yet! Juicy Couture is a perfect one stop shop for all of the important female figures in your life. Check out this life saving gift guide for some holiday hints!

Gift Idea #1: The Juicy Couture Glitter Velour Lipstick

What is it: A matte lipstick with rose gold glitter

Perfect for: The girls in your life who aren’t afraid to make a statement!

Price: $18

Gift Idea #2: The Juicy Couture Lip Luster

What is it: The perfect gloss for either a simple makeup look or a mesmerizing night look

Perfect for: The girls who need a makeup look that can take them from work to a night out in one swipe!

Price: $18

Gift Idea #3: Juicy Couture Lip + Eye Topper

What is it: A metallic gold topper that can enhance a fierce eye look or act as a eye-catching lip gloss

Perfect for: Girls who walk on the wild side

Price: $18

Gift Idea #4: Juicy Couture The Shady Color Palette

What is it: 10 eyeshadow shades that you can create any look with! It also comes with one blush and one highlight in its compact case.

Perfect for: The girls who are always doing their glam on the run

Price: $30

Spoil your loved ones this time of year with Juicy Couture because no one can say no to new makeup from one of the hottest brands of 2018! No matter the girl, there is the perfect gift for them at Juicy Couture! Juicy Couture Beauty is becoming a girls must have for the start of 2019. What are you waiting for? Get ordering on Juicy Couture Beauty and find the perfect gift for all the women in your life. You should definitely use this as an excuse to get yourself some new products too!

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