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With the holiday season finally here, that means it is time to do a lot of gift shopping for our loved ones! I love buying my family and friends gifts for Christmas while also keeping my budget reasonable, and I love choosing gifts that hold value and are meaningful to the person I am giving to. With 2020 being a hard year for everyone, I am excited to give back to my loved ones now more than ever, and I hope you are too! Here are a few of my gift suggestions if you need help shopping for a friend or a family member this holiday season! 

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1.  Jewelry 

You can never go wrong with jewelry! Dainty earrings are SO in style and are sold at great prices! I love buying jewelry from Etsy to support small businesses! I have bought so much jewelry from Etsy; including, nose rings, gold hoops, and dainty earrings! I highly recommend it. 

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2. Fuzzy Blanket

This is the perfect gift that will last a lifetime! I still have all my fuzzy blankets that I was gifted from friends and family! Blankets will keep them warm during the holidays!


3. A Framed Photograph

With all the hardships of this year, a sentimental photograph reminds people of great memories that we wish to hold onto. Many of my friends and family love putting pictures in their house to remember good times, so it is always nice to add on to the collection!


4. Candles

Candles are always a safe gift since so many people use them often! They provide a safe environment and so many can be made custom on Etsy!  

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5.  Gift Bundles 

I love buying gift bundles from Ulta, Sephora, or Macy’s! They come with so many different beauty products at a reasonable price! These are great to buy in bulk and pair with multiple other gifts like a fuzzy blanket or a candle!


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6. Look on an amazon wish list!

A lot of my friends and family order from amazon prime frequently. In doing so, many of us like to share our amazon wish lists together so our loved ones have the opportunity to shop safely! I love shopping from amazon for gifts since they have a wide variety and affordable prices!


I hope these gift suggestions helped! Good luck shopping and happy holidays!

Elysia Williams

Cal Lutheran '22

HI! My name is Elysia but you can call me Sia for short. I am a leader of Delight Ministries at Cal Lutheran and a writer for Her Campus. In my free time, I am usually with my friends or family making memories.
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