Freshman Year: Find Your Clubs

I knew that not only was I overwhelmed with moving to a new country for college but I was also overwhelmed with buying books, the FOMO back home, and nagging questions I kept on thinking: "What if I choose the wrong thing to study? Wrong state? Wrong dorm? or wrong classes?" 

When I saw all the new freshmen walking around campus the first few days of the Fall 2016 semester, I remembered how I met many of my friends today through clubs. I would have liked, however, to have heard what the clubs where like and how to go around choosing the correct one for me, so I made a list below to help others choose their own clubs!

For CLU Regals and Kingsmen: Don't forget to drop by the Involvement Fair Sept 13th at 11 A.M. Come by the Her Campus table to say hello!

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Gaming Clubs:

If you're looking for something that reminds you of home or simply to help you unwind after 3 exams on a weekday, these clubs are right for you! Try to find a club that is of a specific game you play or simply people who enjoy playing whatever game is in style (ex. Pokemon Go). Go out with a group of people and you can teach each other how to get better, relax and even find new games to play you didn't even realize you were good at!

These Types of Clubs at CLU

1. CLU Card Gamers: Relive the nerdiest side of your childhood, like I did recalling the days I played Yu-Gi-Oh, you should join this gamer squad for a Magic the Gathering night. Magic is either that card game you were obsessed with as a child, just realized existed or heard all the rage but didn't quite understand why it was 'all that'. Well now it's back and these nights are quite the spectacle. Tables are put together in arrays of playing mats, boxes, and crates full of legendary & color coded cards ready to beat each other in a merciless bundle of attacks. It's pretty simple once you play and it can become quite competitive, especially when you make your way to the competitions with others in comic stores. 

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2. League of Legends: For the game of champions where you can find yourself late at night endlessly fighting your friends! It is this club that allows CLU students that are either beginners or true professionals ready to play for the top place to enjoy a good online game of pure magic and on screen mastering of skillful fighting. Join for every other gaming days and huge holiday celebrations to see who is the one to beat them all! 

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Creative Clubs: 

For the artsy, the science majors that feel like they need a place to explore their artistic side, and for those who need somewhere to feel at ease and a place to be yourself. These clubs scream ways to find a true family that will guide you through your years of college, and will always have your back! Not to mention you get to indulge in creative activities like drawing, writing, attending walks or parades, and even producing your own work, shows and displays!

These Types of Clubs at CLU

3. PRIDE (People Respecting Individuality, Diversity and Equality): Truly a group that empowers and shows you that no matter who you are, you can feel comfortable and at ease. I've meet some of the most optimistic people at CLU. They do a lot of walks, parades, activities with other groups on campus and even traveling! There is always nice meetings where you get to talk and hang out.   

4. iCLURadio: Finding your passion for music doesn't only show when you major in Music or Theatre production, there is actually a place where your voice will be heard. Most people might not know this, but the radio tower was actually quite controversial when it was installed back in the day! Most neighboring cable towers were concerned that the station was going to intervene with their own transmission but behold the mighty iCLU Radio tower is here to give you all the sounds you want and you can be part of it! You can listen live @! We even have our own show with the very best host Emily Yoshida.

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5. Her Campus:  The whole Chapter has grown so much since our president Dani Kluss initiated the Cal Lutheran famliy, and it keeps growing to this day! Regardless of your major, interests, hobbies etc, if you feel like you wish to publish and write for an online magazine, or help support one in events and the such, Her Campus is the right place to go to! I know myself, being a Computer Science major and Multimedia minor, HCCLU made me realize that I should try out the things I might not get to specialize in during my classes. HCCLU has truly given me a chance to do that and has given me a great bonus! I met these beautiful humans with so much talent that offer me tips and advice as well. Join to be a Writer, Editor, Photographer, Events Planner, Social Media or Publicity Manager, and even part of the Spirit Team. 


Academically Driven Clubs: 

You can never go too far when you are talking about that major that you love. If you're passionate about the arts and can't get enough of sculpting, join a club! If you love to solve physics problems and are taking 6 classes concerning all the math's in the world, join a club! Don't be afraid to enjoy yourself in more academic clubs because you know it makes you happy. It also can bring you closer to other people in the same major! It's always nice to meet those who have to through the same classes as you and maybe even enjoy the nice classes with you! Not to mention, this looks good on a resume and if you want to apply to Grad school!

These Types of Clubs at CLU

6. Math Club: As a non Math-major myself, I find that Math can be pretty tough at times and sometimes I never get to enjoy it. Thankfully there is a group of people, almost at every college or academic institution, that dedicates themselves to practice math endlessly and are willing to help those passionate or interested with any problems they may have! Someday we will find out why all the Math Club Events have Giraffes as their poster mascot! Join to find out!

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If you're interested in seeing any of these clubs more in depth: (goals, achievements, and more) visit the Clubs & Organizations CLU website!