Four More Episodes

The Bon Voyage of Gilmore Girls left us with a kiss and and a campaign trail adventure, but Netflix recently announced that four more episodes are to come, each 90 minutes long. The Internet exploded with joy; many of us, however, have some questions and need answers. 

What happens to Luke and Lorelai? The final episode ended with a kiss and a hint that these two wind up together in the end – but we want more. After seven seasons of waiting for Luke and Lorelai to find their happily ever after, even despite their skepticism and differing views on coffee, they were meant to be from the start, and we want to see it happen.

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Where does Rory’s career end up? For Rory, most things ended on a high note as she stepped out of the college world into real life, heading out to follow the Obama campaign trail as a reporter. All is fine and dandy, but we want to see a Gilmore as the new Christiane Amanpour. 

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Logan, Dean, or Jess? While Rory was looking forward to a life free of expectation as she turned down Logan’s proposal, we all know she will choose someone in the end. Jess never got a final appearance, but he’ll be in the new episodes, and we all know he has a way of making an entrance into Rory’s life.

Hep Alien! This rock band with Stars Hollow roots (specifically Lorelai’s garage) is bound for stardom. Let’s make it happen.

How’s Sookie, Jackson, and the kids? Sadly, it seems Melissa McCarthy will not be in these final episodes, but we hope the star cook and vegetable guy of Stars Hollow don’t go forgotten. 

Does Paris become a doctor? She’s not the greatest people-person and is probably not cut out for the field, but hey, we want her to succeed. 

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Is Michel still working at the inn? We have many questions about this sassy fashionista, but we want him as happy as Michel can be.

How’s Kirk? Most of us probably assumed he’s gone on getting job after job, and most likely living with his mom and a cat. Maybe he’s really destined for greatness. 

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Is Taylor Doose still mayor? A person’s gotta find out someday, but maybe he’s like the Queen Elizabeth II of mayorship. 

Where’s Mr. Kim?! The world may never know…