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Finals Week as told by Parks & Rec GIFS

1. When finals week begins and all hope is lost.


2. You start to need encouragement more often than usual.


3.  After the first final is done and you realize you have even more to prepare for.


4. When spending hours in the study room turns into an emotional breakdown.


5.  You realize that final paper is nowhere near done.


6. The feeds become your reality.


7. Then you realize that you’re so close to finishing and it’s time to be an adult.


8. On the way to your last final you get extra confident since the summer is around the corner.


9. Now it’s time to celebrate and forget the fact that the grades still aren’t posted yet.


10. When those amazing grades are posted you can…

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Andrea Whisler

Cal Lutheran

I am currently a Senior at California Lutheran University and my major is Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and my minor is Communications. I have a passion for all writing, sports, puppies, and food.
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