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Like most, I have slowly built several traditions with my family, friends, and boyfriend during the holiday season. When I moved to LA from England, I had to adapt to many of these traditions and make new ones. But, I’m happy to say that years later my family and I have learned how to have a British Christmas home from home. We have Christmas pudding, a tin of Quality Street chocolates, and of course, mince pies every year!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is watching festive-themed movies. For me, there’s nothing better than cuddling up with a blanket, putting my festive themed pajamas on, and having a cup of hot chocolate on a December night. Apart from singing Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas, a movie is how I get in the ultimate Christmas mood with the tree decorated at my side. 

With finals now over and many of us having more time on our hands, the next few weeks are the perfect time to watch old and new movies this holiday season. Here are some of my favorites that I highly recommend!

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This is my absolute favorite holiday film! I quite happily watch it two or three times in the space of a couple of weeks. The iconic storyline, upbeat music, and festive New York scenes will warm the very bottom of your heart. It’s also a great reminder that “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”


Deck the Halls

Ever since we were tiny, my sister and I have watched this film every year! The series of events that unfold between two neighbors competing for the best Christmas with their families will leave you cringing and laughing at the same time. 


The Holiday

I often say this film describes the two sides of my life as it’s based in England, specifically 30 minutes from where I lived, and LA. Two women swap their homes over the holiday season to get away from their exes. This is a film you can technically watch any time of the year, but it's best at Christmas. It’s a heartfelt rom-com that will leave you loving all the characters. 

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A Christmas Carol

I’m late to the crowd, but I finally watched it this year and I fell in love with it! The animation, fun visual scenes and important sentiments made it a truly great watch. 


Love Actually

This is another favorite of mine! Throughout the film, you follow many couples and individuals during the festive season that are all connected one way or another. It’s funny, it’s romantic, and it’s a British classic. This is a must-watch! 


Die Hard

If you’re not in the mood to watch a rom-com or a cartoon, this thrill-seeking action movie will have you on the edge of your seat. And yes it’s counts as a Christmas movie because it’s set at a Christmas work party as my dad loves to point out every year! 


Arthur Christmas

One Christmas, Santa accidentally misses giving a child a present. It is up to Arthur, his son, to save the day! This movie is light-hearted and fun as you follow Arthur along his journey on Christmas Eve! 


Whatever your traditions may be, wherever you are, I hope you have a truly great holiday season. These are just some of the amazing films out there that will get you in the festive mood!

Rosie Baker

Cal Lutheran '21

Writing Director and Senior Editor for Her Campus at Cal Lutheran. I am in my senior year completing a communication major and creative writing minor. Born and raised in England, I am a British girl California living who loves all things Disney, Friends, and beach related.
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