Fall Trend Alert - Nail Edition

The smell of apple cinnamon candles hit you as you take a stroll down the mall. The warmth of a Pumpkin Spice Latte kisses your lips as you stop by Starbucks for a quick treat. As you glance out of that coffee shop window, you notice how the trees have taken their time to shed their summer coat. You hear the skin of the barren leaves become crushed as the little children jump into the leaf piles. But slowly as you wrap yourself up with your marmalade knit sweater you notice that your nimble fingers are missing a pop of color to bring in the warm autumn season.

Well, here a few ideas to help you celebrate the fall season a wee bit early this year. But before we begin looking at how you can be the new “Jenny on the Block” with your nails, you have to look at a variety of nail enhancements that you want your nail tech to apply to your new design. First, there is the simple nail polish that can be styled down or up to create an effortless but chic look. In trend for the fall season is the effortless milky white nails that can be done by using a slightly opaque white nail polish such as the Blanc nail polish from Essie. If wanted, you can always add glitter or small leaf decals to add to the fall effect. While doing your nails or after getting them done you can enjoy your milky nails with your friendly neighborhood ghost, Casper.                                                                   Photo Courtesy of Canva and Pinterest

Secondly a lasting nail polish trend that can also be done at home with a gel base and top coat, LED lamp, rubbing alcohol, and a gel nail polish in bright red. Gel nail polish is a perfect way to keep your manicure looking fresh for up to two weeks during the fall season. Gel polish can come in all different shades and have interesting factors such as added glitter or glow in the dark. For this specific trend, a red gel nail polish is needed to create a bloody nail design that can be done in any shape ranging from natural to coffin with added designs such as roses or gold glitter on top or underneath for added effect. When you have finished pampering yourself, get comfy and get ready for the rabbit filled psychological thriller they call Us.

                                                                Photo Courtesy of Canva and Pinterest


A third but newer way to achieve that impressive fall nail trend is by asking your nail tech to use dip powder for your nails. However, before you go to any salon make sure that the nail tech is using sanitary ways to place the dip powder on the nails as unsanitary powders can cause infections under the nails and cuticles. Getting back to business, dip nails are a powder that is applied on a base and then sealed with a topcoat. Dip powders differ from other nail enhancements in that it does not require a UV/LED lamp to cure the nails and it can last from 3 weeks to a month (depending on the care of the nails). So to make your nails last and look fall-ready, ask your nail tech to do your nails in a bright orange dip with your desired shape. The color will be fall ready and your nails will be simple and elegant. After getting your nails done, sit back and relax to Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang trying to get a pumpkin.

                                                                     Photo Courtesy of Canva and Pinterest

For the final but ever so popular nail enhancement is the classic but my personal favorite, acrylic powder. Acrylic is a nail enhancement that adds shapes either with a sculpted form or additional press on. This nail enhancement remains the hardest and most durable out of all the others. However, there can be drawbacks such as getting a fill or having the nail break due to improper techniques by nail techs or improper treatments by the user of them. But other than the downfalls they remain a classic in the salon and one way to keep up with the spooky trend is to get the cat-inspired black stiletto nails that remain a Halloween staple. And while doing your nails you can watch the Halloween classic featuring everyone’s favorite man, Michael Myers.


                                                                Photo Courtesy of Canva and Pinterest

These were some ideas of nail trends for the fall season but many more can be used and done with different techniques and shapes or colors. Remember that the design is completely up to you and do your research before going to any salon and getting a manicure or pedicure. Be sure to ask around or check Yelp if necessary. Have a spooky season and may your fall be filled with pumpkin kisses and warm wishes.