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Every Tinder Ever

Online dating is always an adventure! Which type of Tinder User are you?

1. Trigger Finger: This type of user swipes on everything that breathes, and swipes at lightning speed. They usually don’t even glance at the photo they’re swiping on, and probably don’t care what the person looks like anyway. You can usually catch swipers either buying likes, asking people for a phone charger, or sneaking to the back of the lecture hall to keep their match count high.

2. The Spammer: This type of Tinder user gets overly excited when they get a match and send two, three, or TEN messages in a row to their future S.O., eventually resulting in a block from the other party. Bro, it wasn’t meant to be!

3. The Inspector: This type of user usually nitpicks at the profile they’re looking at and analyzes every single detail of the photos, the bio, and the interests listed on the profile. They don’t settle for less than a full top-to-bottom profile search (facebook stalk?) and a daydream about meeting their interest’s parents before finally swiping right. If they indeed get the match, they may turn into The Spammer (see number two.)

4. The Catfish: This person pretends to be someone else to either mess with or snoop on whoever they’re trying to match with. This role is solely for those who do not take Tinder seriously, or people who can’t find matches on their own.

5. The Prankster: This person is probably only on the app to send Rick and Morty gifs and give out fake numbers for a laugh. This person probably has a really sarcastic sense of humor, and may end up getting banned from Tinder if they try hard enough!

6. The Pure One: This person is actually looking for a long term relationship and is not open for any casual business. Usually marked by a large “NO HOOKUPS” disclaimer in their bio, their names are most likely followed by their zodiac sign, Myers-Briggs type indicator, and a few of their hobbies.

7. The Thirsty One: This person immediately sends “DTF?” after matching with their special someone, and keeps interaction to a minimum after they receive their answer. They have similar qualities to both the Trigger Finger and the Spammer.

8. The Fresh-Out-of-a Relationship: This person usually utilizes Tinder Chat to talk mad smack about their ex and stroke their ego. They usually make really awkward segways from talking about where the first date is going to be to eventually mentioning everything they did with their previous lover EVER. Try eating some ice cream instead, dude!

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9. The Smoke-Out: This person is probably looking for or need new people to sesh with, and usually a bio littered with maple leaves, clouds, and the numbers 4-2-0! They’re extremely chill people with conversation topics ranging from aliens and Tame Impala to OG kush.


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