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Do You REALLY Spend This Much on Coffee?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

Starbucks. As the staple of every student’s diet, this blend of art, science, and taste dominates both culture and breakfasts around the world. We see different people walking with steaming cups of coffee throughout our day and think to ourselves Power to you, dude. Get that stuff done! But how much money do we actually spend on this precious liquid every year?

I was once told that if I didn’t buy a cup of coffee every day for a year, I could probably buy a house. While that is an exaggeration, I wondered how much money the typical student spends on coffee every week, and what they could buy if they skimped out on the stuff.

I asked one of my friends, Brittany*, if I could sample her weekly Starbucks menu and use it for this article. Her typical weekly Starbucks menu looks something like this:

  • M 10/23 : Grande Iced Salted Caramel Mocha $3.95
  • T 10/24: Venti Fresh Brew Coffee $1.95
  • W 10/25: Nothing $0
  • Th 10/26: Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte $4.75
  • F 10/27: Venti Iced Coffee $3.25

While she does not necessarily splurge (all her orders were under $5), her weekly total came out to be $13.90. If she stays consistent with her orders, her monthly total comes out to be $55.60, and her yearly total comes out to be a whopping $667.20!

To put these numbers in perspective, here are a few items you can purchase for around $667.20:

1. LG Sidekick 1.0 cubic foot 6-Cycle High-Efficiency Pedal Washer: Best Buy, $656.99

2. Dell Inspiron HD 15.6” Notebook Computer with an Intel Core i7 Processor: Sam’s Club, $599, leaving $57 for pocket money

3. Roughly 1.73 months of gas, where the monthly average is $386.09 as reported average by cars.us.news

4. A $12.99 sweater, ordered 51 times!

Who knew we bought a washer every year without knowing it?!


*all names have been changed for privacy purposes 

*all media is courtesy of Photopin.com

Erin Niemi

Cal Lutheran '20

Erin Niemi is a student at California Lutheran University and is pursuing her BA in Communication. When she isn't typing up a Her Campus article at a local coffee shop, you may find her at a concert, the beach or the movies! Erin is passionate about local news, beauty, science, sports, entertainment and music. She is also a huge Star Wars and MCU geek, and she will happily talk about either for hours if given the opportunity.
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