Creepy College Stories

We've all heard roommate horror stories either from our friends on campus or from online confessions (and some of us poor souls have actually lived through it!) but every now and then we need to hear something that doesn't ring too close to home and get's a whole lot more terrfying. What's the scariest story around your campus? Here are some famous ones:

1. Building on Haunted Grounds will ALWAYS attract little ghost children hauntings: Aberdeen University in Scotland happens to have many students and nurses around campus seeing a small girl wearing a large hat that covers her face skipping at night in the halls and around the campus, only to disappear when people try to get closer. It is said her soul remains from the demolished building and that sick students who happen to be alone in the nurse's office hear her giggles.  Image Courtesy of Inquisitor

2. The Haunted Library: never underestimate the good book hauntings late at night while you're concentrated on studying for your exams. At Penn State University a graduate student in the 60's was said to have been innocently browsing the bookshelves in the old library when she was stabbed in the heart and found dead later. Her murder was never solved but if you happen to find yourself browsing for books and feel an eerie presence and the strangling of your neck, you'd be one of many students to have done so at Penn.  Image Courtesy of Pennlive

3. Turning the old Hospital into a Campus: CSU Channel Islands has a violent and scary past, having its very halls and classes been an asylum that was closed down in the mid 90's. Many of the students talk about walking around it's eerie outdoor areas and the random noises they hear, like doors locking by themselves. Image Courtesy of Pinterest

4. Looking for some body... quite literally: At the University of Cambridge in England (est. 1209) there are many ghost stories to go around. But one that definitely spooks even the most skeptical of students is that of one of the most awful mann in the world, Oliver Cormwell, whose dead body was hung beheaded and thrown in a shallow grave. His head stood spiked for two decades until they finally took it down. It is said that students often see it hovering outside their windows, looking for its body.  Image Courtesy of DailyPedia