Computer Science Major: Josh Aguilera

Quick facts on Josh Aguilera:

  • Sophomore here at CLU
  • Computer Science major
  • Works at the Forrest Fitness Center on campus
  • Commuter this year, but lived in Mt. Clef last year

Her Campus Cal Lutheran: Why did you decide to come to CLU?

Josh Aguilera: I decided to come to CLU because I fell in love with the campus after my older brother was accepted and graduated from here.

HCCLU: How different has your second year gone so far compared to your first year?

JA: So far the biggest difference is the fact that I’m a commuter. It’s a little difficult having to drive an hour early from Oxnard every morning, but good music makes it bearable! Traffic sucks!

HCCLU: What’s your favorite thing about CLU?

JA: My favorite thing about CLU is the food… just kidding, it’s probably how active the residence halls are. I enjoyed attending programs the RA’s set up to do almost every night. Also Improv is amazing.

HCCLU: How did you decide on your major?

JA: I did a few engineering programs on the Port Hueneme Naval Base in high school, and learning about real world applications peaked my interest in the field.

HCCLU: What has been your favorite class that you’ve taken at CLU so far and why?

JA: My favorite class has probably been Intro to Multimedia because it was very different from my class load. It actually inspired me to pick up photography as a hobby, I enjoy it very much.

HCCLU: What has been your favorite memory of CLU so far?

JA: It’s hard to pick just one, but something I regularly enjoyed doing last year was hiking up to the cross at night with friends to see the stars above campus.HCCLU: What’s the most important thing you have learned while being a college student?

JA: Time management.

HCCLU: Describe yourself in two words.

JA: Easy-going and genuine.

HCCLU: Who inspires you the most in life and why?

JA: My older brother Christian inspires me to work my absolute hardest. He has serious vision problems, but it hasn't slowed him down one bit. His work ethic is better than anyone I know and I strive to have at least half of his perseverance.HCCLU: What’s your dream job?

JA: I’m currently in a program with the naval base in which I will work for them upon graduating; however, I hope it will only be a stepping stone as my dream is to be a programmer in Silicon Valley.

HCCLU: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

JA: I can’t think of an embarrassing moment off the top of my head, but I have a bad habit of waving at people who are waving at someone else…

HCCLU: Who’s your favorite artist and why?

JA: I can’t pick just one favorite artist, but I’ve been listening to The Weeknd pretty heavily recently. I enjoy his new music, but his older stuff is my favorite.

HCCLU: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

JA: I would love to travel to Thailand one day. I want to explore the day and night life, and also visit the many beaches.