Coming Full Circle: Professor Paulette Wachter



You can find her riding her trike to class, dancing in her classroom or letting her class buy a song on iTunes. She teaches students to think for themselves in every aspect. Meet Professor Paulette Wachter. 


Her Campus Cal Lutheran: How long have you been teaching and how long at Cal Lutheran?

Professor Paulette Wachter: I’ve been teaching for 40 years, but I took some time off to be a mom. This is my fourth year at Cal Lutheran. My first students are in their mid-50’s now. It’s crazy! 


HC: What’s your favorite part about your job? 

PW: Creating lessons that make sense and are exciting is my favorite part. I try to coordinate what has to be learned in a way that is easily assimilated by the students. I want to think of innovative ways of getting students involved in their own learning. Interaction with students is my favorite, favorite part! I like to allow students to engage and give back during discussions. I’m always thinking of ways to do this. I never listen to music in my car because I’m always creating a lesson plan. 


HC: What was your college experience like? 

PW: Well, I started out at CLU, but ultimately went to San Fernando Valley State College, which is now CSUN. I then went to San Diego State University and graduated as a French major with minors in English and Spanish. I love languages, and could pick them up very easily. I ended up going back to CSUN and got my teaching credentials. I taught French, Spanish, and English to ninth graders as my first job. 


HC: How did you decide to teach at the university level? 

PW: I actually retired six years ago, but I started getting really bored. I wanted to be back in the classroom, so I emailed the head of the English department here at CLU and she hired me. 


HC: What has been your most memorable experience teaching thus far? 

PW: I was teaching Edgar Allan Poe during Halloween and I wore a Scream costume. I put a tape recorder in the closet and turned all the lights down. I told my students I wasn’t there that day and had a sub. Then, I played creepy sounds and eerie music while I hid in the cabinet. Then, I slowly came out of the cabinet and went around all their desks. They will never forget Edgar Allan Poe!