CLU Emergency Drill

Due to the vast amount of Campus Security notifications sent out today, you are most likely aware that Cal Lutheran had a Live Evacuation and Lock-Down Drill. The drill was necessary for teaching students and teachers what to do if such a situation were to actually occur on campus. The institution wants to ensure the safety of its students and faculty by taking the necessary precautions.

Did you know that there were 23 college campus shootings in 2015? Already, there have been reports of two high school shootings in January 2016 with only one injury reported. 


Aaron Yost AP, TIME Magazine


Precautions for today's drill began at 8:33 am this Wednesday morning when students and faculty recieved a text message, phone call, or an email from the CLU Alert system informing the Cal Lutheran staff and student body that an emergency drill was to be conducted. The importance of complying with the given directions was reinstated throughout the messages to ensure the seriousness of the drill. 

At 9:22 am, an alert was given that a fake intruder was located in the Ahmanson Science Center. Everyone was to continue to stay in shelter while any individuals were outside they needed to stay away from the Ahamanson Science Center. Cell phones were also instructed to be turned off. The alert made it clear that it was just a drill.

A bit after at 9:29 am, a text, phone call, or email was sent out instructing individuals within Peters Hall and Swenson Center to evacuate. Students and teachers were to go to the grassy area near Swenson and SBET and await further instructions. 

At 9:55 am, the clearance was given. Students and teachers were allowed to go back to class. 

A few students found the evacuation instructions to be not what they had expected. Many students questioned why they had to evacuate rather than stay inside the building under lockdown. For years students have been taught that during an intruder/shooter drill, they were to remain inside the classroom, lock the door, turn off the lights, silence their cell phones, and be silent. Today, it was a different procedure, however many questioned whether it was safer than being under lockdown.

"I feel they led us over here like cattle out in the open" student Virginia Andersen stated. 



Due to the number of shootings recently, many have begun to question whether lockdown is the safest option for students. Keep in mind that a loockdown is only one option. Another option is called ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuation). ALICE is a training program that enables a person's participation for their survival and leading others to safety. It requires that a person be alert, make a room more barricaded if they cannot evacuate, inform others of the situation with clear information, to only counter if necessary, and how to evacuate safely if the opportunity arises. ALICE was created to help a person in order to help others. 

It is important to understand what to do during this type of emergency. No one ever knows when the next shooting might happen or how many lives will be lost. All we can do is follow these drills as they are intended for our safety, should an event like this occur. This way no one is caught off guard during an actual shooting. 



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