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Christmas Albums to Spice Up Any Holiday Party

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Tis the season!

Christmas time is finally here! Similar to many of you, the holiday season is my favorite time of year. Growing up, I always had an emotional connection to Christmas music. The hopeful lyrics and cheerful melodies have always lifted my spirits, no matter my mood. As I’ve grown older, I’ve gathered some of my favorite Christmas albums that always get me in the Christmas spirit! For my article, I will be sharing my top five Christmas albums to play during a fun holiday party or to jam out in the car!

1. 8 Days of Christmas- Destiny’s Child

If you’re looking for a perfect r&b Christmas album to jam out to, here it is! From the insane vocal ranges to the soulful lyrics, this album is definitely a must for the holiday season!

2. The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show- Kacey Musgraves

This album has to be one of my personal favorites! This album features artists like Troye Sivan, Zooey Deschanel, Lana Del Rey, and Leon Bridges. If you love country then this is definitely the album for you!

3. Under the Mistletoe- Justin Bieber

OF COURSE, I had to add one of Justin Bieber’s best albums of all time (that happens to be a Christmas album so extra plus). This album brings so much warmth to my heart by bringing back nostalgic feels of my early JB fangirl days.

4. Merry Christmas- Mariah Carey

YOU KNOW I had to include the Queen of Christmas!! Your holiday party would not be the same without a little Mariah Carey to bring joy to the holidays!

I hope these albums will help add some spice to your holiday parties this season! Christmas music never fails to add a smile to my face, and I hope it adds a smile to yours too!

Elysia Williams

Cal Lutheran '22

HI! My name is Elysia but you can call me Sia for short. I am a leader of Delight Ministries at Cal Lutheran and a writer for Her Campus. In my free time, I am usually with my friends or family making memories. You can catch me quoting "The Office" or vines in any conversation.
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