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Catch Up with Catcher Jack Bakken

Name: Jack Bakken

Year: Freshman

Major: Physics

Hometown: Rancho Bernardo

Freshman Jack Bakken was born in San Diego, California and has played baseball for over 80% of his life. He grew up with his two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister, in Carmel Mountain. Later he attended Rancho Bernardo High, a school known for being one of the best high schools for baseball. This was perfect for Jack, because he has been playing since he was a toddler. He played all four years of high school, including Varsity team for three. Jack was also on a travel team and got to see different cities around Southern California including Bakersfield and San Bernardino, and eventually even out of state locations liked Arizona and Las Vegas. Now, as a college student, he is on the JV and Varsity teams here at Cal Lutheran.

Coming into CLU, Jack was actually on the path to a Business Administration degree. However, as many freshman do, he took random classes that sparked his interest and actually realized his passion is physics! He plans to go into mechanical engineering and work in the motorcycle industry, as that is one of his biggest interests. He loves riding his motorcycle, as well as other hobbies like watching movies and working out. Back at home he also loves going to Board and Brew (a popular sandwich store in Del Mar), In-N-Out burger, Panera, and The Habit.

So far, he absolutely loves Cal Lutheran. He enjoys the small class sizes and really likes the appealing aesthetic of the city of Thousand Oaks. His roommate has also become his best friends and Jack thinks “he’s a great guy.” As you can see, Jack is definitely on the path to sucess both on the field and off, and he is looking forward to returning to his friends and physics classes next fall. But what he really can’t wait for is for his girlfriend to be joining him next year at Cal Lutheran! 



Singing, writing, and photography are what I love to do.
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