Care-Free Summer Necessities!

Summer is finally here! Here are a few must-have items for your perfect care-free summer!

Make your "monthy-gift" care-free this summer by reducing those drives to the store for just a single box of tampons. Subscribe to Monthly Gift! With their app that monitors ovulation and menstrual cycle patterns, the company predicts when you'll get your period and send a Little Black Box of customized feminine products to your doorstep just in time!

Forget about having to worry about that broken bikini strap at the beach! The last thing we want is our swimsuit falling off! Carry a Brappz Strap on your keychain at all times in order to have a multi-use accessory that comes in handy for sticky situations like this!

Don't overheat--stay hydrated! The worst thing that can happen on a good road trip is dehydration! Keep a CamelBak Forge Divide Travel Mug on you to keep you awake with coffee or filled with water! With a leak-proof cap and a drinking valve that opens with the press of the button, this bottle is both practical and fun to use!

Have instantly smooth legs ready for the beach! Go out and buy a bottle of Pure Silk Shaving Cream! This shaving cream prevents nicks and cuts, leaving smooth skin that's nourished as you use the cream. 

Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsors for all of the amazing products!