California Driving 101

Ahhh, California. The state known for all its celebrities, beaches, tacos, and TRAFFIC?! Whether or not you’ve driven down the 405 or Sunset Blvd, you’ve probably encountered crippling traffic that makes you question the competence and driving skill of everyone else on the road with you. As a frustrated Cali driver myself, I have compiled a list of how to make the most of (or at least survive) the horrible traffic you might run into here, and how to stay level-headed while doing it.

1. Grab an extra water bottle: If you know you might experience our state-famous traffic, grab a drink to carry with you. Not only will a tasty drink keep you awake between constant starting and stopping, it could keep you entertained as well. If you know you’re the type to get hangry, grab a snack too, because you’ll probably be stuck out there for a while.

2. Invest in an AUX cord: Let’s be realistic; the radio can only keep you occupied for so long. After you hear “Closer” by the Chainsmoker’s for the fifth time, you’re probably going to get even angrier than you already are. The solution to overplayed songs and endless commercials can be easily fixed with an AUX cord, and you can play whatever fire is on your phone.

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3. Put your middle finger down: Take a deep breath, everyone is experiencing the same traffic as you. The more you flip people off, the more they will flip you off, and the more upset you will get. Just calm down and put on your sunglasses, please.

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4. Wear Your Sunglasses: Speaking of which, wear some sunglasses! Sunlight right in your face can be super irritating, especially if you drive for a long time, so I would keep a pair of your favorites in the car! If you’re going to wait around in traffic for hours, you might as well look good doing it!

And finally, the most important step:

5. Try to avoid it in general: Why suffer in it if you can plan around it! Get out of your house and make a day out of wherever you’re visiting. You’ll be a lot happier, more occupied, and will most importantly enjoy the area you’re visiting if you actually hang out there! So sit back, grab a taco, and enjoy everything Cali has to offer!

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