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Cal Lutheran Presents: Hansel and Gretel!

The fable Hansel and Gretel is a tall tale that follows two starving children as they attempt to survive their own evil parents, as well as a wicked witch. After Hansel and Gretel are left to die in the woods by their two evil parents, they stumble upon a gingerbread house. The gingerbread house, however, houses a malevolent and hungry witch who plots to kill the children. It is up to Hansel and Gretel to escape this fate in the thrilling fairy tale written by the Grimm brothers.Fairy tale operas are performed entirely in song and music and are based on fables and myths. [pictured above] 

CLU Choir and Department of Theatre Arts is putting on a magnificent production full of drama, thrill, and suspense just as the Grimm brothers would have wanted. Directed by Heidi Valencia Vas under the baton of Jessica Helms, opera singers from all over Cal Lutheran campus are bringing this story to life right before your eyes! Entirely in song, Hansel and Gretel will leave even the most skeptical music appreciator standing in ovation.

The opera will be sung between April 19-April 22 in our very own Preus-Brandt Forum with show times as follows:

  • April 19 at 8pm

  • April 20 at 8pm

  • April 21st at 2pm and 8pm

  • April 22nd at 2pm

Hansel and Gretel tickets are on sale now, and are expected to sell out soon according to our sources! [seating pictured above]

Bravo, Cal Lutheran! Tickets are free for students and can be reserved on the Cal Lutheran Theatre Arts page, which can be found here!

Erin Niemi

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