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Breaking Down Your Love Language

What a lot of people don't seem to understand, is that everyone loves in their own way. Now I'm not just talking about "couple" relationships, but in all relationships, we give and acknowledge love in different ways. That is the trouble with a lot of relationships, not knowing how to love someone else in the most beneficial way to them. So here are the 5 languages of love. Which language do you speak?  

1. Gift Giving

Those that receive love through gift giving, don't think that means that you're spoiled or superficial. Gifts could range from superficial to super meaningful. The point is that you see the other's person's love when they get you a gift because it shows that they are thinking about you and want to make you happy. 

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2. Physical Touch

Physical touch is a need for humans - it's how we attach to others and avoid becoming crazy. Human touch is a source of comfort for all, but for some it is the reminder of love. If someone grabs your hand out of nowhere, pats your back or gives you a hug just for the sake of it, this could be a reminder from that person that they love you. And vice versa, for someone who is receiving a gesture of physical comfort, it may be more important to the giver of the gesture than you think.

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3. Quality Time

This may be a divide in a lot of relationships. To one S.O., they might give a gift of a watch or necklace or flowers to show their love, instead of sitting down and having a conversation with the other S.O. in the relationship. However, for those who mostly can acknowledge love from their S.O. through quality time, they may not feel that they're being loved through gift giving. (This goes for all of the different languages - so be wary of how your partner receives love!). Spending time with your partner, whether that be going on an adventure together, finding a great coffee shop, or even watching a movie together, can brighten their day completely. So many people appreciate quality time in general, so always keep this one in mind! (Photo Courtesy of Pexels) 

4. Acts of Service

Acts of service have a wide range. Basically, it is an action that is done for another. For example, if one S.O. cooks dinner for the other because they know that they've had a bad day, this could mean the world and the ultimate show of love to their partner. Acts of service focus on doing something to help someone else. It shows one's loved one that for them they are willing to be selfless and take some of the weight of the world off of their shoulders. Even simple things such as taking the trash out can show your love for someone!

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5. Words of Affirmation

Now while we are all independent, seeing love through words does not mean that you're shallow. These words are reaffirming and encouraging in nature, that are meant to show someone that they have the support of their S.O. Support, as everyone knows, is super important in any relationship. These words of affirmation can range from "I believe in you" to "You mean the world to me." For some, sticks and stones can break bones and words will heal and love. 

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So the next time you are having difficulty trying to express your gratitude and love towards your mother, a friend, a sibling, or your significant other, think about what their love language might be. In this case, it is important to be conscientious and understanding of both your love language and theirs. It is easy to become fluent in the languages of love as long as you take the time to learn them!

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