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If you’re anything like me you’re constantly looking for good music. There have been so many amazing releases in the past four months, and if you’re into Pop/ RnB/ Hip Hop/ Rap you should check some of these out! 

1) “Still Got Time” by ZAYN feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR

2) “Everybody” by Logic 

This is the single off of his new album “Everybody,” which is being released May 5, 2017. 

3) “Slide” by Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & Migos

4) “Get It Together” by Drake feat. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith

This is just one of my favorite tracks off of the album but I love listening to it all the way through. The album is really more like a playlist that flows throughout. 

5) “Chanel” by Frank Ocean

6) “Location Remix” by Khalid feat. Lil’ Wayne & Kehlani

Khalid also released an entire album named “American Teen.” 

7) “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran

This is just the most popular song off Ed’s album “÷”. Some of my other favorite tracks include Galway Girl, and Barcelona. I’d recommend checking out this entire album. 

8) “Rush” by William Singe

William is an up and coming YouTuber, originally from Australia, who is finally getting more known in the music industry. He definitely has one of the best voices and biggest ranges in the music industry right now. 

9) “Inspire Me” by Big Sean

This entire album is a masterpiece. 

10) “Keep On” by Kehlani

This is by far my favorite album of 2017. I consistently listen to it and relate to it so much. Plus, Kehlani has such a beautiful voice it draws me back to the album over and over again. Hope you get to check some of these out and find new music :)

*All screenshots provided by myself.

Singing, writing, and photography are what I love to do.
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