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Being Sick On Campus

These past few weeks it seems like everyone on campus has gotten sick. My roommate was one of the victims to the sickness going around and I thought my immune system would be strong enough to fight it. Surely, I was wrong. I got sick and these gifs represent how I felt and I am sure a lot of other students can relate to this.


Taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy.

But you get sick anyway!​


Trying to get ready for your 8am’s can be a struggle.  


When you have to sneeze but it doesn’t happen and you’re stuck doing a half dab.


Your roommates trying to help but they don’t want to get sick either.


You either experience hot flashes or extreme coldness. There is no in-between. ​


Wishing your mom was there to take care of you and make you soup.​


In the end we can all agree that being sick on campus is not fun and we would much rather be at home in our beds, watching Netflix. 

Gifs Via giphy.com

I am currently a Freshmen at Cal Lutheran and majoring in Global Studies. I have a love for fashion, travel, and having adventures with friends.
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