Begin Your Summer Planning Now

Spring semester just kicked off. You are still getting to know professors, finding the best spot to sit at in class and maybe even asking the people you have yet to see how their winter break went. Your current schedule is still tentative, and summer hasn’t even been a thought floating around. But it should be.

At the very beginning of January, I called a family friend about a job opportunity for the summer to find out they were already looking at applications. Meaning they started last year. While we may all be in college mode, the rest of the world does not wait until finals are done in May to let life begin in the next season. They start now, and so should you! 

If you want to prepare for summer, here are some ways to start:

1. Pick a game plan: Do you want to work this summer? Take classes? Travel? Choose what seems the most interesting, as well as feasible. It’s okay if it’s not the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants summer.


2. Reach out: Though it may seem early, reach out to companies and organizations now regarding summer job opportunities, even if you don’t see anything listed online.(AMZ)

3. Budget: Especially if you want a fun break doing something like traveling, start budgeting your money now. Whether you want to set a goal on money to make, or a limit on how much to spend, be ready before summer happens.(kappit)

4. Keep your options open: Setting your heart on one thing you were almost certain would go through, but sadly did not pan out, is a struggle we have all felt. This year, prepare yourself with a variety of options for the summer by applying to multiple jobs, looking into summer classes, or whatever else it takes so you’re ready with an array of options. Remember, there’s a lot out there!


5. Be optimistic: Though your plans may not seem as cool as the person traveling around the world for three months, that’s okay! Make the most of it wherever you are, and set yourself up for success.

I hope you get started and plan a fun, productive summer break!