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This season of the Bachelor has been a train wreck. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in the process of finding love on a reality tv show, but this season has taken “finding love” and turned it into a big joke. 

Many of the girls this season have proved time and again that they are not ready or mature enough to be there. They’ve been petty, stabbed each other in the back, and made a point of clearing it up that they want to be the last girl standing. Don’t get me wrong, every season has this. But this season has been particularly bad. In the past, drama clears up once there are fewer girls, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this time. 

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So where does that leave Peter? Personally, I’m hoping it leaves him without a girl at the end of this. And I don’t say this to be mean, I love Peter and I want him to find the happiness he deserves. But the bachelor is not where he is going to find it. None of these girls are ready for the committed, end in marriage type of relationship that Peter is looking for. And Peter isn’t on the bachelor to find this love either. I fully believe that he wants it and is looking for it, but with the way he has been acting and the decisions he has been making, he is acting more the part of a horny teenager than a man that is looking for his wife. 

This is season has been a joke to the already somewhat questionable Bachelor franchise. The rules that all the girls and the bachelor have been required to follow in the past have been completely disregarded, which I believe has led to the season falling apart. Without the rules, the process doesn’t work and the saying for the bachelor is “trust the process.” 

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So you might be asking, what can be done about this? I believe that the minimum age requirement needs to be raised. This season features girls that are 22, 23, and 24 years old, saying that they can’t find love and this is their last hope. Do they realize that they still have the rest of their lives to live? They haven’t even begun to experience a love that they actually deserve. They don’t need the fabricated love that the bachelor encourages. The girls also need to go through a better screening process. Too many of the girls are coming with backgrounds that give them unfair advantages on the show and far too many mental health issues revolving around body and self-image to be healthy enough in the competitive nature of the show. 

Peter is not on the show to find true love. People find true love in real life when they go out on dates and are together for a good portion of time. Peter is simply finding a wife, someone that he “falls in love with” for the sake that he is supposed to do that by the end of the show. That isn’t love. That isn’t anything. That is simply desperation.

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I love the Bachelor- it’s my guilty pleasure. But I don’t necessarily agree with it and support the ideas that it encourages. And with this season, I can no longer endure the drama and the hatred that the girls have for one another. It sickens me. So I will no longer be watching, and I hope that next season is better. 

Alexia Lee

Cal Lutheran '21

Alexia Lee is the Social Media Director for Her Campus at Cal Lutheran. She is a senior majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing. She absolutely loves reading and writing, which she finds herself doing a lot in her free time. If she isn’t doing either, she can be found waltzing around Universal Studio’s Harry Potter World in her Ravenclaw robe, at the beach working on her tan, or daydreaming about where her travels will take her next.
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