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ASCLUG Presents: SAGE the Gemini

On April 29, 2016, Cal Lutheran hosted a spring concert with performances from Lancer Roscoe, Nolan Forghani, and Sage the Gemini. Before any of that, Radio Station 106 was there to pump up the crowd for the concert. They had several dancing games/competitions as well as gifts for the audience. Outside the concert, Her Campus had a photo booth where people were having fun taking pictures with the Sage the Gemini cut-out. ASCLUG and Radio Station 106 had booths as well. Once eight o’clock struck it was time for the show to go on!

First up was Lancer Roscoe! They’re a local alternative band consisting on Caleb Arndt on guitar and lead vocals, Avid Cheung on guitar, Torrance Charles Klein on bass, Parker Trent on drums and percussion, and Riley Herrera on vocals and auxiliary. Their music was a different style from the other performers’ music however that didn’t keep the audience from having a great time. Their funky sound livened up the crowd and got them even more pumped up for Nolan as well as SAGE. Once they were done with their set, Nolan set up and it was his turn to hype up the crowd.

Now Nolan’s genre is a little bit different than that of the previous act. He’s an acoustic singer-songwriter and producer, some would even compare him to Ed Sheeran. Originally he is from the Bay Area, but currently lives in Los Angeles so he’s been able to take the two music styles and blend them into his own sound. Although initially a singer he is also getting into rap, and we got to have a taste of that at the concert. He performed many of his original songs, including “Blow Up” which will be released soon. Nolan was incredibly energetic the entire time, jumping up and down, getting the audience to dance and just have an overall great time. By the end of his set, the crowd was beyond ready for Sage the Gemini to come out.

“Now you already know me as S.A.G.E.” 

SAGE, like Nolan, is from the Bay Area and is a rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is a member of the HBK Gang, which is a hip hop and music production collective based in the Bay, which includes Kehlani, Iamsu!, P-Lo, and formerly Kalin and Myles. As soon as SAGE stepped onto the stage, the entire crowd was screaming. He played a lot of his popular songs like “College Drop,” “Red Nose,” and “Swerve.” But of course he waited until the last song, which was the encore, to play “Gas Pedal,” his all time most popular song. During the entire night he kept everyone on their feet and dancing and even teased the crowd by taking his shirt off. I can definitely say the students at Cal Lutheran and visitors, had a great time that night. 

Singing, writing, and photography are what I love to do.
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