The Art of the Study Break

Netflix is great, naps are fantastic, and coffee breaks are critical. When it comes to our precious time between classes, studying, and other work, we usually just want to relax. However, sometimes we need a deeper detox. 

1) Look up from the screen. As college students, our minds are already on information overload, and though the phone is a quick and easy break, it makes us more easily distracted. In order to give your brain a good rest, start with putting the technology down.

2) Try yoga. Whether doing a practice for five minutes or two hours, yoga is an easy form of relaxation for the mind and body. Bonus: laying down even qualifies as a yoga pose.


3) Take a long hike. Cal Lutheran is surrounded by wonderful trails where you can walk off your worries and breathe in some beauty. 

4) Sit outside and read a book. Stories can transport us to magical places far away from midterms, essays, and the like, but when constantly sitting at a desk, even the greatest of tales can feel draining. Instead, make reading an adventure by going outside! Better yet, take a book along on your hike – nature can be quite inspiring. 

5) Go to the gym. If you’re like me, you’re thinking this is the exact opposite of relaxation. However, exercise gets the body going and the brain running. Also, I’ll rescind the no-screen rule; Netflix is the only thing that gets me to the treadmill. 


6) Get artistic. Grab paper and pen, canvas and paints, or whatever else you’d like to use and see what you come up with. Even if art is not your forte, it utilizes the right side of the brain and helps creative juices flow. 

7) Do a photo shoot. When you look back at college, you’ll wish you captured the fun times.

(The Odyssey Online)

8) Do some baking and eat your cares away. Yes, healthy food is brain power, but the good stuff is power for the soul. And, as always, the magic ingredient is love. 

9) Start journaling. Whether you’re on your hike or sitting at your desk with study-overload, get your thoughts on paper and let them go.


10) Breathe. You've got this.