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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

Name: Alberto Alexander Ortiz

Major: Computer Science

Year: 2019

Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite Sport: Wrestling

Favorite Food: Pastrami sandwich

Relationship: “complicated”

Height: 5’10”

Her Campus: What kind of activities are you involved with this year?

Alberto Ortiz: I’m in SSS. It’s Student Support Services and they help us out with our classes and free food. The only thing I’ve gone to so far is the fencing club. And I’m technically signed up for League of Legends club.

HC: What are some of your other hobbies?

AO: I enjoy lifting. Other than that, I just like hanging with my roommates. Honestly, the gym takes up a lot of my free time.

HC: What do you like to do at the gym?

AO: I love lifting back, that’s my favorite body part. Biceps and back are my favorite to do. For back, I like the fact that it’s so simple. It’s all pull movements that make you stronger without straining.

HC: Besides the gym, how else do you like to stay active?

AO: I like to play to play intramural flag football. I ball out every Sunday morning at 10am, catch me out there on the football field!

HC: Why did you join intramural football?

AO: I don’t like doing cardio at the gym. I know it’s essential but I like to do something more entertaining. And two of my roommates were on the team so they signed me up.

HC: Did you do any sports in high school?

AO: I did wrestling for two years in high school. I had P.E. my first two years because I thought sports were stupid. I failed gym my sophomore year and had to retake a physical fitness class again. I chose wrestling because I didn’t want to be put back in. My best friend, Raymond, was a beast at wrestling and got me to join.

HC: Do you see yourself wrestling in college?

AO: I don’t see myself wrestling for the NCAA but I wouldn’t mind joining the wrestling club if it gets passed here on campus. A fellow former wrestler, Angel Abundez,  is currently pushing towards the start of a wrestling club and I’m in full support of it.

HC: What other projects do you see yourself doing in your next few years here at Cal Lutheran?

AO: I’d like to do dancing. Lowkey, I wish there was a salsa club. I feel salsa is such a basic yet intricate dance. I feel that once I master it, I’ll be able to learn other types of dances much easier.

HC: So does the dancing help you score dates?

AO: So far I’ve only gone dancing with my mom; but, hopefully yeah, in the future.

HC: So what’s your dream date?

AO: If a girl calls me up and says “do you want to get McDonalds?” and she pays for my food. Lowkey, it’s a turn on.

HC: What are some of your turn offs?

AO: People who don’t understand my sense of humor. My sense of humor takes obvious things to the maximum. I push the simplest things, like when someone wears a CLU shirt, I say “Oh where do you go to school?” But it’s only funny if you’re currently on campus. It’s so funny. It catches people off guard.

HC: How do you feel about being a HC campus cutie?

AO: The person who asked me to do this is obviously thought I was a campus cutie so that’s kind of flattering.

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