7 Signs Your Friends Are Just like the Golden Girls

If you haven’t heard of Golden Girls, it’s a show about three best friends, one feisty mother, relationship problems, and the struggles of life. These women are witty, cunning, and downright hilarious. Although you may not know it, your friends may be destined for similar golden greatness. (And yes, they're awesome old ladies in the 80's). This could be your future – here are the qualifications. 

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1) The sass queen. Dorothy Zbornak-Hollingsworth is known for being the sarcastic, and sometimes austere, anchor for her very enthusiastic roommates. If one of your friends is the source of frequent reality checks, you may have a Dorothy.

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2) The ditzy sweetheart. Played by Betty White, it’s impossible not to live the sweet, adorable Rose Nylund. It often turns out that the stickler needs a kind heart – which side are you? 

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3) The fun flirt. Although notorious for being flirty on a whole new level, Blanche Deveraux is the life of the party for her roommates. While she may get into some crazy situations, such as almost marrying a bigamist in the first episode, she keeps everyone on their toes. At the end of the day, we all need a Blanche to keep life interesting. 

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4) The (crazy) mom. Feisty Italian immigrant Sophi Petrillo comes to live with her daughter and the roommates, acting as the giver of tough love. Despite her endless banter, she truly cares for the others. In college, we can always use some similar mom types with wise (and possibly bizarre) advice. 

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​5) Lots of bickering. As much as we adore our roommates or friends, things can get a little shaky. Someone snores, someone parties, someone never cleans, and nobody’s perfect.

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6) Lots of antics. To be a Golden Girl, when one lady's down, you go down with her. 

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7) Lots of love. It’s what makes friendship golden.

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