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7 Benefits of Drinking Coffee

People will constantly say how terrible coffee is for one’s health. Although living off this stuff is probably not the best, this fuel for life is shown to have some health perks, let alone getting us through Mondays, midterms, finals, Netflix marathons, and all of our no-sleep needs. 


1) Stay Awake and Improve Brain Function: While it’s obvious that coffee has caffeine and helps us get stuff done, the rapid firing of neurons caused by caffeine can help with memory, vigilance, and other areas. So when you’re pulling an all-nighter studying, feel free to drink up…and there are some health benefits!

(Diets In Review)

2) Get an Antioxidant Boost: Studies have demonstrated most people receive more antioxidants from coffee than fruits and vegetables together. Next time you see a coffee bean, thank it for being the ultimate super fruit keeping you energetic and somewhat healthy during finals!

3) Improve Physical Performance: I guess this is the benefit that requires actually exercising (bummer!), but the story is that caffeine stimulates the nervous system and helps break down body fat. Maybe we’ll start attending the gym next semester… 

4) Nutrients: I’m not saying a super double caramel macchiato frap with a slight touch of coffee and an overdose of sugar is nutritious – the coffee beans themselves are what bring things like potassium, magnesium, and others.


5) Lower Risk of Certain Diseases: For Lorelai Gilmore, the coffee seems to counteract the burgers.

6) An Excuse to Eat Biscotti and Stroopwafels: If you haven’t had either of these things, brew up some hot coffee and have it with one of these beautiful pairings that will be the bane of my existence. 


7) Stay Alive: With coffee, you can conquer anything! 


(Health benefits taken from Authority Nutrition)

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