6 Hidden Spots in Thousand Oaks You Can't Miss


1. Gardens of the World

Located on Thousand Oaks Boulevard in the heart of Thousand Oaks, the Gardens of the World are a beautiful sight to behold.  Not only is it a tranquil place to spend an afternoon, it is also an amazing spectacle.  The Hogans based the design on their travels around the world, so the gardens are a myriad of cultures.  

2. The Lakes

The Lakes is a dining and shopping center located on Thousand Oaks Boulevard near the Civic Arts Plaza.  At first glance, the shopping center is nothing but some restaurants and a Tommy Bahama store, however the area itself offers quite a few attractions other than shopping.  There is a little stand where anyone can grab blankets, magazines, and newspapers. There are benches, grass areas, and a small pond with a bridge climbing over it.  It’s a great place to hangout (and maybe grab a smoothie from SunLife Organics) with your friends. P.S. they also have an ice skating rink there in the winter!

3. Paradise Falls (& all of Wildwood)

Wildwood seems to come out of nowhere.  It’s an overwhelmingly beautiful hiking area in the middle of Suburbia which is quite incredible.  Just across the street from Cal Lutheran, this park features a hike to Paradise Falls, a great place to hike to for a picnic.  

4. 3 Amigos

There are undoubtedly dozens of authentic mexican restaurants in Southern California, but one within walking distance of school!? That’s pretty amazing. 3 Amigos also has a great outdoor seating area.

5. Ronald Reagan Library

The Reagan Library, located in Simi Valley, is a historical library dedicated to late president Ronald Reagan.  The library also functions as a museum, includes Air Force One, and hosts many prominent politicians.  The Republicans even debated there this year!

6. Stonehaus  

If you’re looking for your new favorite coffee shop, or gelato place, you’re in luck! Stonehaus has it all in one.  Located in Westlake Village at a country club,  the ambience of this place is incredible.  There are little dirt paths that lead you to different seating areas depending on whether you want to sit inside,  at tables,  or in a little garden area.  Try the mango sorbet, you won’t regret it!