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If you love coffee shops, L.A. is the town for you. No matter where you go in Los Angeles you’re sure to find a delicious cup of coffee with an amazing ambiance to match! Here are five of the best spots to get a great photo for Instagram while enjoying your favorite coffee, pastries, avocado toast, and so on.

1) Alfred LA: Located in Melrose, the decor surrounding this building will draw you in immediately! Fun fact: the #butfirstcoffee saying originated here. While all the drinks are beyond satisfying, their iced latte tastes better than any other place you will ever go. Apart from their Melrose location, they also have another seven locations in the LA area that you can visit. Image courtesy of: mywhitet.com

2) Rubies+Diamonds: Started by a mother/daughter duo, Rubies +Diamonds offers an array of coffee drinks. With their nitro infused coffees, green tea matcha drinks, and classic lattes there’s a little something for everyone to try at this coffee shop!Image courtesy ofinstagram.com

3) LAMILL Coffee: Located in Silverlake, CA, their retail boutique offers drip coffee that may be enjoyed in a variety of methods, including Clover, Chemex, Siphon, Eva Solo, and French Press. They also serve espresso drinks, as well as a wide variety of tea offerings, specialty drinks, and signature drinks. Hong Kong Milk Tea, Green Tea Mojito, Cafe Con Leche, Coffee & a Jelly Donut, and even a Pink Lady (sweetened berry hibiscus tea topped with soda), just to name a few. Image courtesy of: simplypamarie.com

4) Intelligentsia: Intelligentsia may have its roots in blustery Chicago, but the outpost at Sunset Junction, with its arched window and large outdoor patio, is L.A. through and through. The quality of the coffee is consistent, and the vibrant tiled floor makes for a solid here’s-my-coffee-and-also-my-feet shot.Image courtesy of: intelligentsiacoffee.com

5) Bae: Instagram-friendly Bae is a small cafe that offers soft-serve ice cream, doughnuts, and creative coffee drinks.The soft-serve ice cream includes flavors such as the “First Date”, “Mixed Feelings”, and “The Heartbreak”. For pastries, expect to see items like matcha scones and churro donuts. This cafe shop can be found in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Image courtesy of: instagram.com

I hope you’re able to visit these places– next time you don’t know where to go for a cup of coffee or two, make sure to check out these locations as they will not disappoint! 

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